Friday, January 18, 2008

Ugly Betty - Don't Do Drugs, uh, or Perfume

Odor in the Court - Ep. 212

How crazy was this episode? Poisonous perfume? Blackmail and impregnation? Betty being drugged and becomes outrageous? OUTRAGEOUS!

Claire's trial for the murder of Faye starts and Daniel and Alexis must come together for their mother's sake. Claire gives her favorite perfume that Bradford had given her to Betty to use/keep safe, just as Amanda discovers pages Faye's diary stuck behind a painting in the now-not-so-secret-sex-lair. Apparently, the perfume was drugged by Faye, given to Bradford to be given to Claire, with the intention of killing Claire, only it made her crazy instead, and crazy enough to kill Faye. Got all that?

So of course, Betty uses the perfume. And goes crazy. Including throwing a garbage can through Gio's shop. The same Gio played by the adorable Freddy Rodriguez (apparently in ABC's continuing attempt to cast as many people from Six Feet Under as they possibly can), who is secretly yearning for Betty with those gazy eyes that always suckers us viewers into falling in love with that character. It worked once before with Henry. Now let us fall in love with Gio!

She finally goes to the doctors where she discovers that she's on drugs. This shocks the Suarez's (whose entrances, while classic physical comedy (pushing the previous person in the room out of the way and off screen), were totally comic gold) until Betty appeases that she would never do drugs, but then figures out that she had been using Claire's perfume. The poisoned perfume Faye had concocted.

Perfume that Mandy (when did Marc call her Mandy all the time?) steals away from Betty's desk in an attempt to save Faye's name and make Claire pay for killing her mother.

Things are not going well in court for Claire but the casting agent had a ball. It's Paul McCrane (with his arms back!)! Barry Bostwick! As lawyers in the court. Caroline Aaron as Judge Biotch!

Betty is unable to convince the judge of the crazy drugged perfume story without the actual diary and perfume evidence until Marc finally convinces "Mandy" that as evil as he is when he helps out Wilhelmina, what he does usually isn't illegal. So Amanda finally gives up the evidence to save Claire from jail and all is well.

So now Betty can concentrate on being by Christina's side as Christina gets inseminated with Wily and Bradford's baby. Seriously, it's a go!

And Amanda can meet with her father next week. Yes, Gene Simmons is coming to Mode! It actually makes sense, with all the makeup around and stuff!


RJ said...

Freddy Rodriguez . . . droooool

RJ said...

oh . . . and screw henry

Vance said...

Wait, do you mean screw Henry or screw Henry? haha... sorry, my infantile humour...

RJ said...

I mean Henry is done. It's all about Gio.