Sunday, January 06, 2008

TV Blog Coalition - A New Year Of Linkage!

Welcome to a new year of TV Linkage! I'm sort of away again (I'll be able to recap Sunday nights TV but that's about it) so check out my fellow TV bloggers for what else has been happening in the TV world (while ignoring all the reality replacement TV the networks think they can pawn on us while the WGA strike continues).

BuzzSugar: This week, we were disappointed by Cashmere Mafia, challenged you to recast The Nanny, and wondered which late-night host grew the best strike beard.

Glowy Box: It was a relatively quiet week at Glowy Box (and on TV), but Liz still managed to enjoy this week’s challenge on Project Runway, and be preached to by “Model4Jesus” on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

Daemon's TV: Sandie posted the new midseason 2008 premiere TV schedule and interviewed the cast and crew of the new KNIGHT RIDER TV movie. Eric reviewed the first two episodes of the new season of MEDIUM.

Mikey Likes TV: In an attempt to carefully straddle the line between good taste and bad in 2008, Mikey reviewed the season premiere of The Wire and the most recent episode of Gossip Girl this week.

Pop Vultures: We ignored those silly New Year's resolutions in a celebration of television's most vice-ridden characters. We also explained why the television blockbuster is doomed to failure and wondered why Kylie Minogue's face never moved in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

RTVW: Spads wrapped up her three-part series about her time on the Chuck photoshoot. Saying goodbye to 2007, Rae shared her top seven memorable moments of the year and, ringing in the new year, wondered about the 2008 New Year's resolutions of some of her favorite TV characters.

Scooter McGavin's 9th Green: Already nostalgic for 2007? Then go back and look at Scooter’s lists for the Best (and Worst) of the Year including the best television, albums, and 100 best songs of the past twelve months. For those hoping the would combine two of the best channels on TV, The History Channel and The Weather Channel, you really want to check out Scooter’s preview of When Weather Changed History. And for those that like to be told who to vote for, Scooter has endorsed a presidential candidate just as the primary season begins.

Tapeworthy: It's the new year and everybody seems to have a best of list and Vance LIVES to make Best of Lists as if they actually mattered. So here are his picks for the Best Movies, Best Music and Best Television of 2007! Happy New Year!

Televisionary: This week, Jace--ecstatic about Televisionary being named one of ten "Must Click" TV websites by Entertainment Weekly--took a look at the new Doctor Who Christmas Special entitled "Voyage of the Damned," bemoaned the loss of Goth contestants Kynt and Vyxsin on The Amazing Race, and offered his television-themed New Year resolutions.

TiFaux: This week's highlight was our take on the Top Five and Bottom Five TV deaths of 2007. We also did a before and after on Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley and his various incarnations (and his poor hairstyle choices) and pondered the similarities between Dexter and Sweeney Todd.

Tube Talk welcomed back the boys of late night, beards and all, pondered why Rosie O’Donnell was voted the most annoying celebrity of 2007, and shared a first look at the new Knight Rider TV movie and KITT’s voice.

TV Filter: We have some awesome Anthony Bourdain swag to give away - you can still enter. Raoul interviewed the Goths from The Amazing Race and Kate was ecstatic over the return of Gossip Girl.

The TV Addict: Picked his favorite shows of 2007. Made some outlandish predictions for 2008 and started the craze that's sweeping the nation: TV Addicts Anonymous. Only together we can survive the WGA Strike!

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