Monday, January 14, 2008

Brothers & Sisters - January: Ojai County

Feast of the Epiphany - Ep. 210

I love having dinner with the Walkers. You wonder how they don't gain weight with all that eating, but with all the drinking, arguing and secrets spilled, who has time to actual chew and swallow? There's a lot of biting but none of it is with food. I wonder what would happen if you threw the Westons with the Walkers for a dinner party?

Robert is falling behind in the polls as his main opponent in the presidential race is still using his "heroic" story against him while Robert sits on knowing a secret of his opponents and Isaac and Robert finally share it with Kitty.

Nora invites Isaac over for a sort of date but wants the entire family there to ease the awkwardness. How delusional can she be? If i must quote Kevin himself.

Kevin receives an email from Jason (hottie # 2) to meet for lunch and refrains from telling Scotty (hottie # 1).

Justin is still sleeping with Lena while Sarah and Kevin both realise they know the secret affair Lena had with Tommy.

And then they shall all meet at family dinner. Let the secrets start spilling as flowingly as the wine!

Love dinner with the Walkers!

Everything is slowly brought out to the open, including Tommy's secret affair, only Julia reveals her own secret affair during their separation. GASP!

Meanwhile, the only thing that could have added more drama was to have Holly and Rebecca join in, but they are having their own dinner reunion at Holly's place when her real husband old flame from thirtysomething David Caplan returns with some hints of some secret to come (Rebecca's REAL father?).

Then, Sarah gets to flirt away with Graham because Steven Weber is still kinda sexy and I've always liked since Wings days (added bonus for doing Jeffrey) and Rachel Griffiths really deserves a better storyline, so lets hope this goes somewhere good and interesting. But at this point, it's just basic flirting as they try "work" together.

Oh, and Robert's main opponent drops out of the race when his secret is revealed, leaving Robert the primary Republican candidate in the presidential race. Well, "Republican" as much as Hollywood could muster, which is to say, the perfectly ideal liberal "republican". Oh well, maybe the show is a bit too soft but with a shortened season, now's not the time to get deep and serious. Save it for the next season. Whenever it may happen.

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