Friday, January 25, 2008

Ugly Betty - Bring Betty On! The Ugly Truth Of the Writers Strike

A Thousand Words by Friday - Ep. 213

Seriously, Ugly Betty gives me a high every Thursday. I'm sure the laughter is huge therapy. Now that we have run out of new episodes after tonight, I may start devolving into a serious depression. This is getting serious. I'm totally in love with this show!

I could KISS this show! I would TAPP it if I could (or if one could Tapp a show(?!?))

And if Amanda's singing performance tonight (again! "Milkshake anybody?) was any indication, the loss of the planned musical episode is going to be a great loss to society.

So Claire is out of jail and bored and staying at Daniel's place in order to avoid the memories at her own apartment. Meanwhile, Christina is trapped at Wilhelmina's place bearing her plan b in her womb.

Daniel is hit on by a sexy young woman Renee (Gabrielle Union! Bring It On!) but Claire's new residency puts a damper on Daniel's game.

Which is just as well since the apparently well endowed Daniel discovers that Renee's sister is his ultimate enemy, Wilhelmina Slater, leaving Daniel torn between his feelings for Renee and his history and animosity with Wili.

Betty begs for a writing job from Daniel but mistakens the assignment to interview Phil Roth as Phillip Roth. Instead, she gets the author of Tapp That. A guide book for men to lure in women. Betty is horrified. Gio is intrigued. Henry is jealous. The game is ON!

Henry and Gio compete to see how many women they can hit on successfully to help out Betty who turned down the assignment before Daniel himself dupes Betty.

Meanwhile, the Henry we first loved is back with his full game on, picking up women just as fast as the adorable Gio. I know The Rural Juror is going to hate this but just as I was about to lean towards Gio, they were able to bring back some of our original love for Henry back (though I still think it would have shaken things up nicely if Betty chose Gio at the end of this episode but is it me or are all the shows leaving their slates clean and scandal free for this strike hiatus? Even Gossip Girl had a nice ending), tossing Gio back aside (though I hope not for good, I like Freddy Rodrguez in lighter fare).

Meanwhile, Amanda writes a song as an ode for her father, rock star Gene Simmons from KISS, and do I even need to explain the hilarity that ensues anymore?

Amanda + Marc + absurd task = new classic moments in television!

Ironically, Henry has a band who needs a new singer, Amanda needs a band to sing her song about her KISS father, and the stars align at the end as Amanda gets to sing her song as Gene Simmons looks on (he found out because he googles himself daily). Father and daughter reunite! Rock On!

Betty and Henry perform a hilariously geeky rap song (again! More Musical!).

No major storyline for the rest of the Suarez's but Justin and Hilda still manage some funny lines!

Bored Claire wants to start a new magazine called Hot Flash, and needs about $2Million in seed money exasperating Alexis and Daniel but keeping me excited that Judith Light is seemingly going to be staying on the show! Yey Angela Bower!

We finally end on Renee casually passing by Wili who mentions/warns that her big secret will scare Daniel away, and the housebound/trapped Christina over hears this little news/gossip and... it's the end of the episode and the strike has begun.

WHAT? WRITER'S. WHAT??? Hello Producers. Can we please resolve the issues, hand over the money to the writers, so they can continue this wonderful second season of Ugly Betty, especially while they are on a roll, not having been stricken with Sophomore Slumpitis that afflicted Heroes.

Seriously, I'm going to go into Ugly Withdrawal.


Joe Reid said...

"It's Mandy, bitch!"

Loved this episode.

RJ said...

No comment.

sameer sharma said...

I Watch Ugly Betty online .The show is full of the dumbest cliches and why does every punchline has to be flooded with sound effects or music guided comedy? Or characterization is horrendous. Where did these "actors" get their personas? from watching even worse soap operas on spanish television