Friday, January 11, 2008

30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy - The Last...

30 Rock - Caffeine- Ep. 210
Grey's Anatomy - Lay Your Hands on Me - Ep. 411

Well, at least their last episodes before the writers strike shut down production were pretty great. Or in the case of 30 Rock, it was damn awesome! If you're going to end a season by default, end it with a musical number! What a way to go!

Jack and C.C.'s relationship is on the brink of taking it to the next level, and they meet halfway in some small mining town where Jack yells out his love for C.C. (Edid Falco reinstating why she was my favorite thing about The Sopranos) but Jack gets his heart slightly broken when he decides to skip an important meeting with a German network to be with C.C. (thus, Jack GASP... missing work) while C.C. doesn't.

Meanwhile, Liz takes over the German meeting and sells NBC accidentally, all while trying to buy a new condo, but drinks and dials the condo board when she doesn't hear back from them.

First of all, where do I start?

I love Tina Fey. Still, when it comes to awards (like this upcoming weekends televised Golden Globes press conference), I slightly lean towards America Ferrera or Mary Louise Parker as Best Actress, even though Tina is awesome. Well, this weeks default finale convinced me that Tina Fey could too be in the running. From her youthful German rebel days, to crying over the condo love of her life, she has upped her acting game to Alec Baldwin levels, a far cry from the early episodes of 30 Rock where she was slightly uncomfortable looking.

And then to top it all off, a musical number to "Midnight Train to Georgia" by the entire cast, led off by Tracy Morgan and Broadway veteran Jane Krakowski? All when Kenneth decides to move back home after falling victim to the sins of Sodom(y?) when he finally succumbs to the evil tastes of coffee? (I always said Starbucks was evil).

Gladys Knight would have been proud! If only she got a better dressing room and some peace and quiet! What a great cameo!

Now, I'm going to be nitpicky here but what was a WASTED cameo was an appearance by Edward Herrmann (Gilmore Girls) as a condo board member. What was that? You get Edward Herrmann and that's all you use him for? A side bit player that could have been played by any old white guy? Oh Tina Fey, did you just feel sorry for him and gave him the part to give him a paycheque? (Does he really need the money after 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls? Plus his guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy?)

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, it had its default final episode last night as well, and it was the one where Bailey becomes the narrator. BAILEY IS THE NARRATOR! Bailey. Is. The. Narrator.

Sadly, I actually didn't like Bailey as the narrator. It didn't really add anything for me. The lines were funny. I love Chandra Wilson. But it did nothing for me.

Especially against Bailey's actual storyline, which, albeit conveniently seems too soon after her strifes with her husband have just started, when her busy life and marriage troubles come crashing to a halt when her baby is wheeled into the emergency room after a bookcase falls on top of him. All because the security gate was left open, which her husband blames on her.

Cue: Emmy reel for Chandra Wilson all guilt ridden while trying to remain professional but crying out in pain.

I love it when everybody comes together in aid of an ailing friend, and everyone bands together to help Bailey's kid. Even the hardass Dr. Hahn who won't accept a grief stricken Bailey in the operating room and thus creates a war with her.

On the other hand, I LOVE Hahn. I'm going to be harsh but Brooke Smith isn't Hollywood gorgeous. She's more real world pretty but in Hollywood, next to pretty boy Eric Dane as Dr. McSteamy, she's regular, but I think I love that about her and I love that she's on the show for that reason. And I love that she's strong and pulling McSteamy by the strings. Plus now Callie has a friend and she needs that.

Meanwhile, Callie bumps into George's mom (Debra Monk, wait, did she leave Curtains already?) who has been making baby clothes for her, not knowing about the whole Gizzie thing (ah, how nice it would have been to be oblivious to it all). Izzie, not knowing that George's mom doesn't know about Gizzie, lets it out accidentally and hilarious runs away as George approaches.

Cue: T.R. Knight looking all mopey and bewildered as George. I don't know why but I love that look.

So while Izzie accidentally spills George's secret, George accidentally spills Derek's when he tells Meredith of Derek and Rose's kiss. Some more whining from Meredith and Derek but alas, they are over and Derek asks Rose out to dinner. Yey! (Is Derek and Mer finally over? Oh please tell me yes and we can move on). Somewhere in there he was going to build her a house or something and was very confused as to what the heck was going on since weren't they off again? but whatever, it's off. For now.

Well, at least most of the stories are nicely tied up before we go into the netherworld of strikedom and there may be no new episodes until fall 2008 or even 2009.

There was a hint at Alex and Izzie again when Alex described her as a yellow light to Glenne Headly (where has she been since she guested on ER? Does she only do hospital shows on Thursday nights?). There was also a hint of George and Lexie which irks me. Are they just going through the cast list for T.R. Knight? I mean, I'm glad they can stick a homo in a straight row and not have to make him a total player, yet he's now been with the most women on this show of all the guys. Enough already.

But alas, it may be a long while before we find out anything more.


Anonymous said...

1) That "so many kinds of sparrows!" German rebel line made me have to pause my DVR so I could laugh. Last night's episode was AMAZINGLY joke-dense, and that's before you even GET to the musical number!

2) You know, I'm not sure Bailey added a lot as narrator, but I kept picturing the words she was saying as they would be read by Meredith's whiny voice, and I'm going to say she subtracted a lot of me being annoyed at the narration. Also, Hahn is totally the best thing about the show this season. Love! Her!

RJ said...

I missed the whole season of 30 Rock, but I just caught up with it. LOVE