Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chinese People Can Be Just As Racist (Or Dumb), or Maybe It's Just a Tribute to Jolson?

I just had to tell you all about this because... well, just read on.

So I've been behind in my blogging (I have about 6 posts in the works that still aren't completed yet) because I've been spending a lot of time with my grandmother lately because basically we moved her into a nursing home 2 weeks ago and she is not taking it well (and yelling to either return to her apartment so she can cook for herself again (even though she can barely stand or walk) or die early. So depressing. And I inadvertently decided to watch Away From Her that very first weekend we moved my grandmother into a home too) and since I basically live the closest to the home and have not been working during most of the week this month, I go to appease her (and yes, guilt is a big factor). Plus, now all of my three living grandparents are in the same facility. In different wings. My sister and I traverse the different wings back and forth and I think we confuse the nurses. That or they have security watching us carefully.

Anyways, that's not the story. That's just to tell you I'm a good grandson. (And no, I'm not trying to win the inheritance. I'm not sure there's much to win. The commies took everything (apparently, seriously))

So I walked in 2 days ago into her room to see her watching the television, always permanently tuned to the Chinese channel in Canada (FairchildTV).

And what do I see?

A Chinese Man. Playing the piano, with sunglasses, swaying from side to side, with cornrows, in BLACKFACE.


Full makeup blackface. BLACKFACE! WITH CORNROWS. WITH BEADS ON THEM. (OF THE JAMAICAN COLOURS TOO (well, at least they got that detail right. I'll give them points for research)).

It was a f#$KEN Chinese Stevie Wonder.

Holy Jolson What year is this?

(And then, it was confirmed that it was some variety/charity show from 2007, just last year, oh, and checking the schedule, apparently it was called Enjoy Yourself Tonight 2007 (?!? OMG I actually know what this show is. I watched it growing up. A long running variety show this time with a big 40th anniversary special in 2007)).

Man, I'm so horrified I can't even love the ridiculousness of it all.

At least I can rest easy that there are probably very few if any black people watching the Chinese Network in Canada.

Because I would have no idea how to explain THAT.


Anonymous said...

Um, wow. Any chance it was a sharply-pointed satire against racism? Or something?

Sorry to hear about your grandmother, by the way. That's really rough.

Vance said...

No, it was definitely not a satire. Not on this variety type of programming (think of those telelatino variety shows or any of those shows in the rest of the world.

And grandma's doing a bit better. She still doesn't realise how nice the home is and stuff and at 90, she's doing quite well, but that's life I guess.