Wednesday, January 16, 2008

30 Rock Idol

Well, because there's very little on TV these days (I'll try to do the final compilation of the remaining new episodes of my favorite shows, but basically 2 more Ugly Betty's, 2 more Chuck's (both to be aired next Thursday, Jan. 24th), a few more Friday Night Lights, a postponed Men In Trees, Bones and House, welcome returns of The New Adventures of Old Christine and Lost, anticipated newcomer Eli Stone, but that's about it) and I'm still ignoring all the reality TV crap the networks are suckering the rest of you into watching (I'm sorry, but Liz said it right America, "America, you suck") and I'm undecided if I will join American Idol when it gets to the Top 20 (I've ignored the auditions since Season 3) but it's basically time to catch up with the shows you've missed (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Season 1 on DVD!!!) including all the cable stuff I never got in Canada (or missed) including Mad Men, Greek and Burn Notice (which were AWESOME and I'll write a bit more about soon) and I'm about to start Big Love, The Wire, and Dexter.

But in the meantime, and thanks to AfterElton via scribegrrr, let's remember the good times TV gave us, with the clip of 30 Rock singing "Midnight Train" from last week's (default final) episode. Too awesome to describe. Just brilliant!

Midnight Train

The AfterElton article also posts the Pushing Daisies clip with Kristin Chenowith's Olive singing "Hopelessly Devoted For You", which I've posted after the jump:

Well, if all the songs were already written, maybe we can just have casts sing songs all strung together? It works for the jukebox musical already and most casts now seem to have a musical veteran or singer or two (Scott Porter on Friday Night Lights, Jesse. L. Martin on Law & Order...)


Anonymous said...

A) America DOES suck. And I'm not even Canadian, like you! What the hell, my country? (I'm sitting Idol out this season...too much time committment for too little payoff.)

B) Those clips are two of my favorite TV moments this season.

C) Enjoy Dexter! I'm about to get started on season 2 of Weeds, myself (just as soon as I finish season 2 of Dexter).

Vance said...

Yeah, I was probably going to ignore Idol this year too but I didn't want to say it in case I was TV starved by then and ended up being a hypocrite.

OOh. Weeds is one of my faves. Season 3 is even BETTER!!!

RJ said...

Wanna get drunk?

No . . . there's too many phones in here.

God, that show is awesome.