Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gossip Girl - Happy New Leers!

School Lies - Ep. 112

Welcome back boys and girls. V here ushering in the new year with a new episode of the deliciously soapy and glowy Gossip Girl.

There's a pool party and everyone's invited. As long as everyone is young, hot and pretty. So like, you know, you and me. The regs are there, C, B, S and N and the two ethnic mutes are all frolicking and drinking in the pool. Serena invites Dan, who is off helping Vanessa (she's still around? What happened to that resolution?) with her "documentary" and they join the drunken festivities. Alas, Nate and Blair are seen cuddling up all wet and bothered until another guy gets hurt and everyone is caught with their pants down (or so to speak) in the school pool and the new headmistress is out to get whoever broke into the pool. Let the witchhunt begin.

Chuck is with key and boldly flaunting it but Blair quickly takes it away, just as she did herself from Chuck, but Nate gets a peak of the key and chivalrously offers himself up as the scapegoat to the headmistress. Only his lie is caught and he's suspended anyways for lying just before he discovers that the key wasn't Blair's and she was only hiding it on behalf of the real culprit.

Vanessa catches Blair and Chuck in an argument revealing their past and Blair and Chuck both want the tape.

Dan who is caught in the witchhunt doesn't have the money to buy himself out, but Serena naively thinks that doesn't happen anymore. Plus, she did it. She was the one with a key to the pool (from her bad Serena days while dating a senior hot pool boy) and gives herself up to the headmistress just as she's grilling Dan. Luckily, she gets off with community service.

Meanwhile, as happy as Dan and Serena may be, Rufus is disappointed after Lily had run off with Bart Bass but as Lily realises the waspy ladies who lunch future that surrounds her, she decides to run back to Rufus. At least until Serena quashes the idea , preferring to be Chuck's step-sister than Dan's. Good point. Ew. (Speaking of ew, in theory, those 70 porn suits should be totally ew and hideous yet somehow it kinda works).

So Lily ditches Rufus AGAIN and decides to marry Bart Bass. I love how it's either or. It's like the old drawing room drama's. Stick a corset on and some older drapes and it could be a Merchant Ivory film.

So Chuck is all greasily giddy about being Serena's step-brother as she learns of Bart's influence on her minimal sentence, thus proving Dan right (isn't he always? Isn't he dreamy?...) about the different rules between those upstairs and those down.

Speaking of which, Vanessa who had taken Chuck's bribe for the tapes, also gives the REAL tapes to Blair, who, hating to be indebted to a poor girl, pays her years rent before returning to Nate, secure in the knowledge that her Chuck secret remains safe. Yah, right.

So welcome to a new year of bitchery, conniving manipulation within the wonderful world of the riches of Manhattan and the elite. Oh, yeah, and Gossip Girl is on too.

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