Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Cashmere Mafia - Ladies, Please, Behave!

The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Turk - Ep. 103
Cashmere Mafia - Dangerous Liaisons - Ep. 102, The Deciders - Ep. 103

I still have my problems with The Sarah Connor Chronicles (like the fact that, as TiFaux nicely polled, Thomas Dekker is a total tool. Look, even Summer Glau thinks so.) but I enjoyed this week's episode, yet, if you were to ask me what it was about, I could not for the life of me tell you what the hell happened. Even when I was watching the show, let alone 2 days later with my bad memory.

All I remember is the teacher in Love Actually (Adam Godley) is the genius in breeding skin and a terminator forces him to help make some for him. Remind me not to eat dinner while watching this show anymore.


Meanwhile, the robotic Summer Glau returns to school with John Connor and we get a nice 80's style Fox sitcom within the show. Seriously, technically the worst part of the show is also the best part of the show and my favorite as Cameron figures out the "human behaviour" in school and pisses off some of the mean girls. Except, wasn't she more "normal" in the pilot? I guess a time leap makes you forget some stuff. Seriously, I love Summer Glau. I don't even know why.

Meanwhile, I'm reluctantly enjoying Cashmere Mafia more and more. I still have problems with it. I can't believe we are are only on episode 3 because it feels like it's been on forever (in a bad way) but I'm still reluctantly enjoying it. Mainly because I'm really liking Lucy Liu and her whole Chinese dating storyline.

Wait. Lucy Liu is Chinese? She's ASIAN? Strangely, I've never really thought of her that way. I've never thought of her having parents either though (wonderfully played by Jodi Long who is always such a hoot as a character actress that even though she stands WAY out in any show she's in, she should still be in it despite being a bit overdramatic sometimes) but her intrusive Chinese mother (ah yes, I can hear the voices that I ignore already, yea yea mom, go away, I'm watching TV) sets Lucy's Mia Mason (Mason?) up with a nice handsome Chinese doctor Jason (Jack Yang) which goes surpsingly well. Until the whole "I don't date Asians" gets in the way.

Wow. I'm so glad they went there. I think it's kinda hilarious they went there.

Jason admits to it, and Mia realises she does (or doesn't date) it too. There could be whole studies on this.

But it's TV so Mia asks Jason to playflirt with her as they attend a party with her ex Jack (Tom Everett Scott) and his new arm candy Liz (Tara Westwood) and of course, things go way better than expected and they actually start feeling things for each other. Usually I would groan but having ANY Asian Male lead on a TV show can only be a good thing. Yeah, you Latino's and Blacks think you're underrepresented on TV? HA!

Meanwhile, Zoe is still having problems at work and being undermined by Katherine and Clayton but in the end they get their comeuppance and everything works out perfectly well for Zoe with her perfectly handsome husband (Julian Ovenden). How perfect. Okay, moving on.

Juliet and Davis are still working things out and they go back and forth and back and forth and she suspects he's still cheating but instead it's a money protection thing blah blah blah, thank god I love Miranda Otto and Peter Hermann looks good without his shirt on or I'd be bored.

Finally, it's episode 3 and Caitlin has already discovered she might be lesbian, kissed Alicia (Lourdes Benedicto), gone to a lesbian baby shower, and then is now flirting with some random hot dude Sam and gives him her card. You go girl!

Who wouldn't give their number to Sam (Chris Beetem)?

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