Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Amazing Race - Late Finish

The Final Push - Ep. 1211

Oh yeah, and I never managed to post about The Amazing Race finale earlier this week. It was good. That's about all the reaction I could muster. I love this show, and the final challenge, which actually seemed challenging requiring good memory, clever smarts and patience just to understand all the rules (how long did Phil take to explain it?), was actually better but while I would have preferred Ron and Christina winning the whole shebang, I didn't really mind (and thus care) if any of the final three teams won.

Say what you will about Nathan and Jen but it would have been more exciting to have an antagonist on the final leg (as long as they didn't win, which I do understand since many of the antagonists on previous seasons HAVE won which makes it truly annoying).

TK & Rachel

Ron & Christina
2nd Place
Nicolas & Donald
3rd Place
Nathan & Jennifer - eliminated (4th)
Kynt & Vyxsin - eliminated (5th)
Azaria & Hendekea - eliminated (6th)
Shana & Jennifer - eliminated (7th)
Lorena & Jason - eliminated (8th)
Marianna & Julia - eliminated (9th)
Kate & Pat - eliminated (10th)
Ari & Staella - eliminated (11th)

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