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The Amazing Race - Roots Of All Evil

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You know, we all complained in previous years when networks throw in weeks of repeats as we wait for new episodes, but they finally seemed to have listened but have they forgotten that we are usually pretty busy during the holidays? And for a year when they have little inventory left because of the writers strike, why are networks airing new episodes during the week many people are still on break or on holiday mode (and thus too busy for TV)?

Sheesh...can't they ask me when I busy before playing a new episode? (The networks can never win can they? Even with Tivo/PVR/DVR's/Recordable DVD's etc. (which incidentally, now counts to Neilsen ratings but not the important numbers for advertisers so still really don't count) and being able to watch a show any your own schedule, it's just not the same sometimes, especially for something like TAR).

So there were new episodes of The Amazing Race and just as 2007 ended, so did the chances for our favorite pink goths, Kynt and Vyxsin, after they made the HUGE mistake of being too nice, especially on a leg where they had an extra Speed Bump for coming in last on the previous non-elimination leg.

A Speed Bump challenge of doing yoga in Mumbai India that would have been highly entertaining to see if everyone had to do it. Could you see Nathan and Jen try to calm themselves down for that? That would have been hilarious.

So when Kynt and Vyxsin had the chance to U-Turn the Aryan yuppies, Kynt was too nice and decided to stab Nicolas and Donald instead, a team that was already ahead of them. Oops. So much for the "dark" goths being mean. That'll show karma.

This week, the remaining four teams race for the final 3 positions as they fly off to Osaka Japan.

At this point, I'm not sure who to root for now that Kynt and Vyxsin are gone. Obviously, the "perfect couple" Nathan and Jen are the obvious villains (though is it me or does she scream at him more than he does anything? I kinda feel sorry for the guy), but I still haven't forgotten Donald's early annoying/rude ways but that's been overshadowed by Ronald's constant berating and harsh comments to his own daughter Christina. On the other hand, I like Christina, possibly because essentially she represents every North American born Chinese under a hard-to-please know-it-all Chinese father and so I connect with her.

Then there's TK and Rachel, who in their flight plan from Mumbai to Osaka, ends up falling WAY behind the rest of the pack that I almost forgot they were still on the show. You know it's a bad/sad sign when they have to replay all their challenges after everyone else checks in to Phil. Luckily it's the other non-elimination round and they are safe.

Meanwhile, while Nicolas and Christina were off racing around Osaka delivering passengers in a taxi as the driver (with rules disallowing local guided help, finally! A rule to prevent that!), did it seem that those two should partner up and leave the two old guys as their own team? It's not like they weren't getting along, after Ronald shared snacks with Donald. Or was it the other way around? Even the names would rhyme!

Meanwhile, Jen and Nathan were doing really well, even stopping to smell the flowers (in the detour challenge to find the one real flower amongst fakes) and up against Ronald and Christina but alas, after looking like they might finally come in first place, they get beat out by the father daughter team yet again and land in second place.

Nicolas and Donald go play with robots to end in third.

Does TK and Rachel even have a chance of catching up? I don't dislike them. I don't mind them, yet I don't really care to root for them either. So that leaves it down between Nicolas and his annoying grandfather or Christina and her even more annoying father. Or Nate and Jen... hahahaha...

Okay, no, for real... who? Which is the lesser of evils?

Ron & Christina - 1st Place
Nathan & Jennifer - 2nd Place
Nicolas & Donald - 3rd Place
TK & Rachel - 4th Place
Kynt & Vyxsin - eliminated

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