Monday, January 28, 2008

Friday Night Lights - The Truth Will Set You Free?

Humble Pie - Ep. 213

Let's start with the nice stories first since the other stories are so good in their frustrating situations that I'm angry FOR the characters. That's how good this show is. But do I really have to say that anymore? I've totally run out of new ways to praise this show, but I guess that's a good thing.

Tami has hilariously taken on the girls volleyball coaching job only to discover their measly skills. When Tami notices how tall Tyra is during invitation to dinner at the Taylors, Tami urges Tyra to join the team, mainly to help her out. It's hilarious to watch Tami start stooping to these begging levels (disguised as a counselors career advice) to help herself out with the coaching gig. I'm also loving that Tyra and Tim Riggins, who is still aiding the girls teams, are back in the same room, even though they haven't really spoken to each other yet.

Meanwhile, Tyra is keeping her jealousy over Landry's new "friend" under her skin as much as she can as Landry starts hanging out with the freaky cool chick with the smart but alternative vibe. It's like Tyra gone punk.

Meanwhile, Jason Street's car has died and needs an expensive repair, but somehow instead, Buddy offers him a job to sell cars, which pisses off the other car salespeople. Street's a natural but the other salespeople shun him out and trick him away from potential sales, so we get the nice comeuppance at the end when Street, after a pep talk from Buddy, manages to sell a hybrid to a known difficult customer. Cue sweeping Explosions in the Sky music! LOVE IT! Also love the Street and Herc buddy system they have going!

Now onto the bad news. Smash is arrested after assaulting the white boys who were harassing his sister last week, the whole debacle turns into a battle in the press.

When the lawyer advises Smash and Corina (and Eric Taylor telling Smash to listen to his mother Corina, right on!) to accept a plea to help sweep the whole thing away, Smash publicly apologizes, but when the white boy goes to the press accusing Smash for an insincere apology, and making harassing calls to his sister AND continuing to lie about the original situation, an angry Smash talks smack back to the cameras bombarding him for a response. Smash deals out the truth, and sadly, Dillon isn't ready to take it, and it's SMASH who gets reprimanded by being suspended from the Panthers for the next three games. The three regular season games needed to propel them to the playoffs. To state. While not as horrific, I still smell whiffs of the Jena Six.

Hate the incident, but love the way FNL is personalizing the "issues" with Corina and Smash, along with Eric Taylor for the concerned ride. The show let it start pretty naturally with every reaction and action adding to the simmering racial tensions, and as much as you want to make Smash shut up, it was pretty much in his character to naturally react with his protectionary ego and get himself into more trouble. A publicist he ain't. It helps that Gaius Charles is playing this perfectly, creating a sympathetic character who is still frustrating to watch.

Meanwhile, the worst drug dealer in Dillon (really?) is now after Billy and Tim Riggins for stealing $3000 and Tim gets beat up, left on the ground. Tim Riggins turns to Lyla as she gets closer to Chris. Lyla fesses up about her past dalliances to Chris (and his Fisher Price Little Peoples plastic hair which I somehow kinda dig) while Lyla decides to help Riggins off for the very last time, giving Riggins the money he needs to return what he stole.

Except even THAT transaction doesn't go exactly as planned, as a stubborn Billy demands the drug dealers to stay away from Tim after having returned the money, and the whole incident ends ugly with Tim and Billy running from the gun toting drug pusher. But at least that's over with... I think. I hope.

Finally, with one last burst of good news, Tami coaches Tyra and the rest of the girls Volleyball team into an actual win! Making Eric proud and finally giving the team their first win in seven games. Making Tami's record 1 for 1! Just Julie has to dampen the win with her reminder that the team is still 1 in 7. Oh Julie, why so down this year? It's your fault you lost Matt Saracen (who barely makes an appearance these last few eps).

Meanwhile, while Tyra doesn't get to be with Landry, the good news is that Landry seems to be finding himself the object of TWO girls (potential) affections. Go Landry!

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