Monday, January 21, 2008

Get Mad for Mad Men - The Sales Pitch

Yes, Mad Men won the Best TV Drama award at the Golden Globes. What's Mad Men you say? Well, I mentioned it a while back, but it's AMC's foray into the original programming race that HBO started, Showtime followed and now every cable network has to have at least one show to bring in the awards. 

What's AMC you say? It's that cable network your father or grandfather probably watches because it airs John Wayne movies when it isn't re-airing the Michael J. Fox/ Sean Penn dramatic flop Casualties of War. And YES, we even get the channel in Canada! Who knew?

So now that Mad Men is starting to get some more much deserved attention and most people are still scratching their heads wondering why Heroes didn't win (I can tell you why, cause it SUCKS now), AMC is going to re-air the entire first season starting Monday (January 21) at 12 midnight (which I just realised actually already passed, because it's technically Sunday night after the premiere of their new show Breaking Bad with Malcolm in the Middle's Bryan Cranston) , so nows the time to catch up on the amazing award winning season (the only positive thing that could be possibly be said about the WGA strike), and you can see for yourself why Jon Hamm beat out the more famous people to win Best Actor!

I may not have talked much about it (because I was always behind when it first aired last summer) but I put the show at number 10 on my Best of TV list for 2007!

A quick primer, the show is about ad execs on Madison Avenue ("Mad" Men) during the 1960's in New York City, when smoking was still cool, the women were mainly secretaries and housewives, and people still dressed up for work, but through the vintage decor lay the same basic office politics that has survived through the decades.

The cast is terrific, including Anne Dudek (Cutthroat Bitch on this season's House), January Jones, Bryan Batt, Vincent Kartheiser (Connor on Angel, Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery (who died in the hands of another Desperate Housewives).

Anyways, just catch up (though, hmm... you may need to iTunes the pilot now that we've already passed that re-airing)! Trust me!


Anonymous said...

I actually caught an episode at my parents' house over Christmas. It was great, though difficult (well-written, well-developed characters need many episodes to get to know). Actually, I would welcome more difficult television. Too much of it is "cheap carb" viewing.

mB said...

So, clearly we keep treading on each other's posts as I've been working on a post on Mad Men since I started catching up on it this holiday season. :)
That just means we both have impeccable tastes (because YES Heroes sucks SO BAD it hurts my soul)

Vance said...

Just wait till I post about Disney animated songs that was integral to my upbringing. Okay, now if you loved Mad Men, watch its time slot competitor Burn Notice. It's AWESOME and I'm working on a post about that show too.