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Best of Movies 2007

My Best of Movies lists are always ongoing and will change and be re-edited over time as I see more and more movies from the year (especially the usual catch up rush before the Oscars), but this year will be even more than ever since I'm WAY behind in my movie going, so bare this in mind.

(*** Currently Updated as of Aug. 26 2012)

Also, many lists and critics lists are putting The Lives of Others in this years lists but I had already put in in my 2006 list. Either way, it's amazing and a must see (and totally deserved to beat out Pan's Labyrinth for Best Foreign Language Film last year).

Also, with a slew of darker more violent films that came out this fall, and I guess it's a personal thing this year, but most of the happier films from the summer landed on my Top 10 list. The SUMMER. That's a rarity. So are happier films. Usually I like those broody artistic films but I just had no interest this year (but also, I think they are getting tired, no offence but I hated The Squid and the Whale in previous years and thought that many "indie" movies are becoming just as formulaic as their counter Hollywood cousins (as in, throw in every possible bad scenario in the book onto a dysfunctional family, let brew... like Before the Devil Knows You're Dead).

Plus, I know I went on a musical theatre binge but I don't think it was just me thinking that it was a good year for musicals, with 3 landing on my list. Are there even three usually that come out in a year? (and to think, I never even had a chance to watch Once yet?) It was a good year for women, from Keri Russell in Waitress to Margot Martindale in Paris Je T'aime. Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up, Amy Adams in Enchanted to Niki Blonsky in Hairspray. Plus, another entry from Paul Greengrass who took the top spot last year.

So here is my (current) Best of Movies of 2007 list:

1. Ratatouille - (A) (My Review) - It'll make you fall in love with Paris all over again. And rats too! What can be more life affirming than seeing a culinary rat make equisite meals that defies a critiques palate in his pursuit to make great culinary art?

2. Juno - (A) (My Review) - A perfect blend of indie smarts and a Hollywood happy ending that may have just leaned over to oversweetly just a smidge but never betrayed each side.

3. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - (A-) (My Review) - Perhaps enchanced by my viewing of the stage musical version just 2 months prior but the luscious Sondheim score was thoroughly enhanced by Johnny Depp's dark and brooding Sweeney Todd with a delicious assisting turn by Helena Bonham Carter.

UPDATE: I'm going to squeeze in Atonement (A-) in here at 3.5 though I will rejiggle this list soon.

4. The Bourne Ultimatum - (A-) (My Review) - Another gritty down and dirty fast paced ending to a thrilling action series that felt smart and snappy even whenever I was confused.

5. Hairspray - (A-) (My Review) - Considering I thought the stage musical was only so-so, the movie version of the musical version of the John Waters movie was surprisingly bouncy and tons of fun, without being completely cloying.

6. Knocked Up - (A-) (My Review) - At its heart, it's a drama between two unlikely people dealing with their impending pregnancy. The fart jokes and other guy humour is just bonus.

7. No Country For Old Men - (A-) (My Review) - I still don't know why I watched it, as it was probably the most stressful two hours of my life in 2007, but perhaps because of it, and those quiet scenes across the desolate American plains, left those stark images of two men in pursuit of each other ingrained in my mind.

8. Paris Je T'aime- (A-) (My Review) - Not all the short films were as successful as others but the collage of stories in and around Paris showcase humanity of every sort in the most beautiful city in the world.

9. Waitress - (A-) - Maybe it was the images of pie and Nathan Fillion but I couldn't help but love this quirky little dramedy about a pregnant woman looking to get out of her bad marriage.

Update: I'm going to squeeze in Once = A- in 9.5 position.

10. Enchanted - (B+) (My Review) - Yes yes, Amy Adams is totally enchanting and totally makes the movie but don't discount James Marsden in a comedic turn or the new Alan Menken/Stephen Schwartz songs that spoof/pay homage to their old Disney songs. An imperfect movie that still deserves to be loved!

Everything else in Alphabetical Order within each grade is listed below:

A Mighty Heart = B+
Away From Her = B+
Love Songs (Les Chansons d'amour) = B+ ***
Breach = B+
Breakfast with Scot = B+
Freedom Writers = B+
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 3D Imax = B+ (My Review)
P.S. I Love You = B+
Shoot 'Em Up = B+ (*My Biased Review)
Show Business: The Road to Broadway = B+
Superbad = B +
Transformers = B+

Becoming Jane = B
Charlie Wilson's War = B
The Curiosity of Chance = B (My Review)
Into the Wild = B
The Jane Austen Book Club = B
Offside = B
Starter for 10 = B
Talk To Me = B (My Review)
The Wind That Shakes The Barley = B (My Review)

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead = B- (My Review)
Evan Almighty = B-
I Pronounce You Chuck And Larry = B-
The Kite Runner = B-
Music and Lyrics = B-
Shrek The Third = B-

Eleven Men Out = C+ (My Review)
Evening = C+ (My Review)
Fracture = C+
The Golden Compass = C+
Rocket Science = C+

Blades of Glory = C
Mr. Brooks = C (My Review)

Spider-Man 3 = D+ (My Review)

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mB said...

Lovely list ! Couldn't agree more if I had made it myself! ;)
Only thing: I'm sure Once would have sneaked in had you watched it :)

Reel Fanatic said...

Great list ... I'm always happy to see Ratatouille get the props it deserves, and though I haven't quite put together the top 10 yet, I'm almost certain it will be on the top of my list too

Vance said...

Oh Yey! Two bloggers I respect agree!! Oh good cause I thought I was slightly off my guard or something this year.

Anonymous said...

I would have put Juno ahead of Ratatouille. It had a little of everything plus the music is still rolling around in my brain (kind of like the theme to Weeds)! Glad to see Sweeney Todd on there!!

Admin said...

Great list. Especially liked to watch Ratatouille. I believe that they should produce more films about France.

Improvedliving said...

thanks the haed sup

Anonymous said...

I love to watch movies but I don't like when somebody talk in a bad way about a movie that really like me.