Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gossip Girl - The Thin Blue Line

A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate - Ep. 113

I'm a little late with this because I've been catching up with sleep (for the past 3 years worth actually) let alone TV but this week's Gossip Girl was so good I couldn't let it go.

So even though Gossip Girl is moving to Mondays on The CW, it doesn't really matter since this is the last new episode they filmed before the writers strike halted production so it may become the default first season finale. Oh poo. Just when it was getting me emotionally sucked in too. I mean, it started off as a vapidly fun show to watch with all the PREEEETY people (case in point, see below after the jump) but has turned into a charming soap with great lines and some actual charming people (Dan, Serena, Eric, Jenny, Eleanor, Rufus) and some nice bitches to boot (Blair, Chuck, Lily, Eleanor, maybe Jenny soon).

Serena is caught shopping for pregnancy tests and the word spreads around faster than an STD in these circles. Dan and Rufus hilariously find out despite Jenny's blunt warning, making Rufus realise his son has now become a man. Awkward! Dan rushes to Serena to propose his love, and his offer to take care of the baby, but alas, there's nothing to fret about.

Serena was in fact getting the pregnancy tests for Blair Waldorf. She of the sweet virginal girl, or at least how Blair sold herself before succumbing to the schmarmy Chuck and then falling back in love with Nate (and who wouldn't. See below again, particularly the last photo which I'm sure everyone has seen already but I figure it can't hurt to re-post them again).

Blair refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing and lets Serena take the gossip fall, so Serena confronts Chuck about his tryst with Blair, only to learn that he was definitely being safe, but perhaps not Nate, who came right after him (no pun intended, okay, maybe just a little).

So is B pregnant? Who's the daddy?

Serena asks Dan for some advice on how to handle the whole B baby situation, but in doing so, spills Blair's love life fodder which Jenny overhears. Meanwhile, Dan is attempting to profess his love properly to Serena (while Serena professes her love to just about anybody helpful!) but when he finally does, all she can do is stand there and say "okay". Ouch. You know, it's her trust issues due to her slutty mom.

Or that's what the wise little brother Eric says. He of the fading bleached blond streaked hair and adorably low voice in the body/face of a 12 year old. So first Eric is the oh-so-wise character, then poor still-being-hazed Jenny smartens up and slyly informs Nate of the gossip she heard about B and C, which of course, sends Nate in a rage towards now-former-best-friend Chuck. Oh please, you know that rage is some pent up homo-erotic unfulfilled wish. That fine line between Nate and Chuck? It's the meeting of two sweaty bodies I tell ya.

So sort of beaten up Chuck (or as much as he can be beaten up by a pretty boy not willing to get his hair tussled up too much (I mean, tussled out from the perfectly tussled-out-of-place look that was perfectly tussled to look that way, again, see below)) is angry and sends Gossip Girl the whole story of Blair's l'affaires. XOXO Chuck!

Word gets out, Blair is pissed at Serena. Serena wants to believe Dan didn't tell, Dan is angry that Serena thinks he could even possibly tell, and our perfect couple gains a fractured.

Oh but don't worry folks. Because within a few scenes, and again, after a wise talk from ye-old wise Eric, Serena forgives Dan and professes HER love to Dan. Okay folks. Now we can rest easy. All is well again in the universe! Seriously, they've written Dan and Serena so perfectly, and so perfectly charming that I'm not sure I COULD sustain a break up. I would be heartbroken and would not be able to continue living!(?!) I mean, if they have no hope of being together, what hope do the rest of us plebes have?!? Thank god the writers knew to keep Dan and Serena together for the remainder of the writers strike. Whew. Oh perish the negative thoughts! How would we have lasted?

So as Dan and Serena rekindle their romance after their tragic 10 minute breakup, Blair's life is crumbling to pieces as her virginal image gets torn to slutty shreds. The Queen Bee has fallen and there is little Jenny ready to reluctantly pick up the throne.

On a side note, the ethnic mutes SPOKE! And they were not very nice to poor not-pregnant-but-could-have-been Blair, who asks Eleanor to disappear to la France a la Serena but that was so last year and Serena convinces Blair to stay in New York. All is well.

Oh yeah, there was something about Rufus attempting to date again after two similar looking Brunettes with similar "B" names asks him out on the same day. You go Rufus!

So as we part from the gossip on Gossip Girl during this tragic writers strike, I leave you with these treasured pictures that have been floating around the web for a while now but alas, never hurts to be reminded again of why we love this show. You know, other than the brilliant writing (I'm actually not really being sarcastic here).

Thanks again to Daily Eye Candy (Via Televisionista), here are some of the ones that made me laugh/drool the most (even though he kinda looks barely legal here):

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