Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ugly Betty - The Big Runway Show!

Zero Worship - Ep. 211

Oh thank goodness. At least there are 3 more new Ugly Betty's this year. Oh how I love this show!

I'm too tired right now after I just flew back for what seems like forever for work and I'm about to pass out so I'll expand on this in the morning (as well as posting about the final episodes of Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock ("Midnight Train to Georgia" Woo woo!) and Gossip Girl)

But as the press and blogs constantly praise the comedic timing of America Ferrera, Vanessa Williams and Becky Newton (and rightly so), I'm constantly reminded that Eric Mabius is pretty damn funny himself, and I still love the rapport between Betty and Daniel. I love the boss/employee, mentor/mentee (?) thing they have with him always reverting back to feeling like a little boy when Betty is right.

Update: Okay, I'm awake. Still dizzy but awake, but still smiling from the final night of an intact Thursday night TV and especially the facial expressions of Michael Urie and Becky Newton as Marc and Amanda. Incidentally, Michael Urie puts his facial expressions to good use as he fakes about his way in happiness on Miss America: Reality Check (TLC Fridays 9pm) which was strangely appalling yet comforting just for knowing Michael Urie was there and still needed a paycheque that badly (Miss Vermont was the coolest btw).

So Justin's class (from what seems like an all-girls school) comes to visit Mode on a class trip and the mean girls are loving the anorexic model adoration.

Betty is appalled and saddened when sweet girl Hilary (Juliette Goglia) dumbs herself down to be accepted by the cool girls as well as an embarrassed Justin who is just on the bring of being the first guy to join the clique.

Betty takes the issue up with Daniel and comes up with a plan to accept regular sized woman in Mode's upcoming New York Fashion Week show in Bryant Park, and to feature them on their next issue, but Alexis quashes the idea just because she can.

Wilhelmina bends over for Marc when she gets all "hormotional" after Marc keeps injecting her so that she can get pregnant (with a needle. With a needle, what were you thinking? Marc only pokes Cliff with himself, and by the way, CAN a relationship last when you have completely opposite preferences to movie rentals? No really? I'm actually wondering in real life...) but alas, the doctor notes Wilhelmina's uterus is hostile so the new plan is to find a surrogate.

After almost getting a dominatrix surrogate that basically allowed us to watch Cliff and Marc search through the adult video section of their local generic video store, Wilhelmina and Marc zero in on Christina when Marc finds out that the company insurance won't pay for the $100,000 surgery her dying husband Ewan McGregor Stuart needs and Christina is desperate for the cash.

Meanwhile, as Marc helps Willy find a motherwomb, he also helps Amanda search for her mysterious father, bring them to Linda, the clairvoyant (an always welcomed Annie Potts).

After much hilarious mugging and reactions from Marc and Amanda, Linda tells non-believer Amanda of a black dog who will pass her by. When Lil' Bow Wow shows up in the elevator with Mode, admiring a bootylicious Betty, Amanda gets her sign and becomes a believer.

So when Linda tells Amanda that a "B"'s Kiss will bring her to her father, Amanda starts trying to make out with Betty but instead, has a heart to heart talk about losing one's mother in another nice emotional whiplash scene within the show, and just as Betty hands her a photo of Kiss leader Gene Simmons, who Amanda now thinks is her father (I guess Gene Simmons is going to guest soon?).

After Alexis takes hold of the regular women fashion show idea for publicity's sake, using a fake scale to add an additional 20 lbs to each emaciated model, Daniel, guilt ridden by Betty, decides to hijack the fashion show with a REAL real women's fashion show hosted by Bow Wow and featuring Betty as the final model and we get our happy ending AND sitcom message tied up in one (and I couldn't love it any more).

The head mean girl still won't have it but her second in command secretly tells Betty how awesome it all was, and Betty feels happy for the changes she's attempting to make at Mode while Daniel gets to learn his lesson, and we get Justin back at Mode, and any reason they can get Justin in the Mode offices is always a good thing!

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