Thursday, January 31, 2008

Get Lost and Stoned Tonight!

Lost is finally back tonight (at 8pm on ABC and CTV for 2 hours)! For another 8 episodes. It would have been nice to have gotten a full season but I'll take the 8 we can get!

And while I won't have time to write about it right away tonight (I'll be mostly gone again for the next week and a bit for work), it won't matter since I have no idea what is happening half the time anyways, but I sure do enjoy it! Especially after that blow-my-mind season finale last year.

Meanwhile, I haven't even seen Eli Stone (Thursdays at 10pm on ABC/CTV) yet and I'm excited for many many many reasons. Many. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Because it has many many things going for it.

For one, it's another Greg Berlanti show. Creator of one of my favorite shows of all time, Everwood. Co-Creator of Jack & Bobby. Saviour of Brothers & Sisters. Writer and Director of The Broken Hearts Club. Producer of Dirty Sexy Money.

The title character of Eli Stone is played by Jonny Lee Miller...

where was I? Oh yes, Jonny Lee Miller, ex-Mr. Angelina Jolie, who I've taken notice since Trainspotting and seems much better suited in this pleasing role than as the psycho in last years Smith (which I liked as disturbing as it was).

Then, the supporting cast is made from alums from Alias, Veronica Mars, The New Adventures of Old Christine, plus Loretta Devine!

With a supporting cast with Victor Garber (Alias), Natasha Henstridge (Commander in Chief), Matt Letscher (The New Adventures of Old Christine), Loretta Devine (Boston Public and every other show out there), Laura Benanti (Take the Lead) and Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars), as well as James Saito and Sam Jaegar.

That's 2 Canadians (Garber and Henstridge), 2 Broadway stars (Benanti, Garber, 3 if you count Devine from Dreamgirls), and one Neptune resident, I'm excited just on imdbing alone!

Plus George Michael making a cameo on three episodes!???

What's not to love? Here's the promo clip just below (along with cast photos):

Here's another clip with a longer preview of the George Michael scene in the pilot:

Seriously, how cute is Jonny Lee Miller deliriously clapping to "Faith"?
Here's the second sneak peak:

Jonny Lee Miller

James Saito

Julie Gonzalo

Loretta Devine

Matt Letscher

Natasha Henstridge

Sam Jaeger

Victor Garber


Concealed Eminence said...


:D Eli Stone is my favorite show, but none of my friends like it. :(

Vance said...

Don't worry, like all my friends, none of them watch my favorite shows while they are on, but then "discover" them years later and I feel vindicated. Then the look of annoyance hits me since the show is probably cancelled by then because not enough people were watching.

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