Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Career Watch - Lucas Grabeel

The much talked movie biopic about gay activist Harvey Milk has just cast my baby my favorite High School Musical cast member Lucas Grabeel in the role of Dan Nicoletta, Milk's close friend.

I'm so proud of our little dancing queen Lucas, who played the we-assume-is-gay Ryan Evans in the High School Musical juggernaut, and had played gay on Veronica Mars.

Lucas Grabeel on Veronica Mars (from the episode Versatile Toppings #S02E14):

Um, which is not to say he's gay. It's just nice to see Lucas get a role in Gus Van Sant's Milk that seems to be the must-do movie for male actors right now, which has Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, as well as Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men), Emile Hirsch (Into The Wild), James Franco (Spider Man), Victor Garber (Alias, Eli Stone), Denis O'Hare (Brothers & Sisters, A Mighty Heart), Stephen Spinella (Spring Awakening, 24, Angels in America) as well as just-cast Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien), and Douglas Smith (Big Love).

It's exactly the clout Lucas Grabeel needs in his career to expand his repertoire from Disney stuff. Not that I'm complaining since I just discovered his version of Disney's Hercules song "Go The Distance" (from the Disney Mania 5 album) on my iPod that my sister must have thrown on, and I LOVE IT!

Lucas Grabeel - "Go The Distance" from the album Disney Mania 5 (Originally from Hercules soundtrack)

I mean, he already rocked Ryan Evans and "I Don't Dance" (video after the jump below) was one of the most not-really-that-subtle-and-it's-so-cheese-it's-gay song from High School Musical 2 that cemented Lucas Grabeel as my favorite character in the series (yes, over Zac Efron, a little girl must have just died as I said that).

Lucas Grabeel and Corbin Bleu - "I Don't Dance" from High School Musical 2

Anyways, Lucas Grabeel is also back with the rest of the cast for High School Musical 3 and here's hoping for more songs like "What I've Been Looking For", the duet Ryan does with sister Sharpay (a fabulous Ashley Tisdale) from the first High School Musical.

Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale - "What I've Been Looking For" and "Bop To the Top" from High School Musical

He even cartwheels with one arm! And if that wasn't comedic genius, I don't know what is!

So let's hope Grabeel's career is on the up an up and he gets at least a fraction of the attention Zac Efron has been getting.


Manuel B said...

And the similarities keep rolling in. Lucas is by far my favourite part of the HSM series (even if I do swoon with those sexy pics of Zac all over the web)
Glad to see he'll be seen in something more mature in Milk.

Liz said...

Um, bananas. How the heck did I not realize that Lucas was in Veronica Mars?! As far as I have a favorite in High School Musical, he is definitely it.

Vance said...

In fact, he was in TWO Veronica Mars episodes!

Anonymous said...

Ah, lest we forget the little dear was also on the "cover" of the online gay mag Ally. Not that I care if he's gay or not, though I sure do have my own beliefs on the subject, I do care that he's getting more non-Disney roles. He is a far bigger talent than the rest of the HSM cast and dare I say, so much hotter that Zac, who is hot also, but not as hot as Lucas, but hotter than Corbin, cause Corbin's face got big and weird this past year. Um, I like Lucas. We'll leave it there...

J said...

i've recently been reading your sytycd posts and somehow stumbled on this. i agree -- lucas grabeel rocks! of the whole cast of hsm, he seems to have the most potential acting-wise. and i love his version of the hercules song. it certainly showcases his voice!

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