Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Bachelorette - Because Graham Doesn't Begin With A "J"

Episode 406 - 4 Remaining Bachelors - DeAnna Visits the Bachelors Home episode

Um, did DeAnna just ask Graham to leave just to spite him for not opening up?

Man, DRAMA between Graham and DeAnna. Intense.

I actually think Graham really was in love with DeAnna and considering she admitted that she was starting to fall in love with him, AND her last comment after she kicks him out : "First and foremost I want to be in love, now I don't know if that's going to happen now."...

Did DeAnna just make a HUGE mistake? Graham wasn't my favorite (that would be Jason, below) but Graham certainly had a sexiness to him and his reaction in the limo cemented that even more. I think these two would have been hot and heavy already if it weren't for the cameras and the whole show and this may have played out better in the real world. Graham really wasn't suited for the dating-on-tv thing.

So yes, at this point, I think DeAnna should pick Jason who seems like such a gentlemen and sweetheart and DeAnna seems like she could really fall into a nice lovely daily groove with him and his son.

Jeremy seems like the great boyfriend material but that's it. A really good fling that is hot and passionate but I feel like if another girl swooped, he would be just as happy.

Meanwhile, as much as I like Jesse, he's just not ready and he's more like a fun diversion for DeAnna as she tests out her comfort zone.

Can she bring back Graham and send Jesse home? Is that allowed?

Next week the Bachelors tell all. I LOVE those episodes. I'll even watch those episodes when I haven't even seen the season for The Bachelor. ACK... why is it on the week I'm away? Crap.

And Graham, if DeAnna doesn't call you back, call me...:P

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