Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Need To Get Even Smarter

I just watched the documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.

I say it's time for a revolution.

It's also time to put some of these motherf#$ker white collared criminals away for good AND to take back the money they stole from everyday people. We need to get even smarter and get these guys.

(And how can one pay a $120 million retainer to lawyers to get him off stealing 100's of millions of dollars... isn't there a hole in the system there that lets one do that?)

With gas prices up, food prices up, and wages stagnating... where the hell is all the money going?

I'm also a little beefed because the other company I work for just announced massive layoffs even though they have increased minimum working hours for everyone in the last year, they have been short staffed like crazy, business has been doing super well, and the top CEO's have been getting massive bonuses even though we all took TWO paycuts in the past several years... and all in time for next years new round of contract negotiations...

how timely...

(My job from that is safe but my other one is on pause since we are waiting to hear back from another union threatening to strike... (you all know what I'm talking about but I'm not actually going to say it).

Anyways the film is truly disturbing and if you're a Californian, I think I would go and rip off Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling's heads off right now. Though not just them, the stockbrokers behind it all too.

Actually, between Enron and No End in Sight, I think I would go rip off Bush's head too.

Like No End, it nicely details in an easy to understand, piece by piece, logical manner, the story of the downfall of Enron and what the greedy bad people who caused it did (and who got away with it and who didn't).

Though sadly, both movies have a lot of links towards the Bush family of Texas.

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room = B+ or 8/10

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