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So You Think You Can Dance - No Recounts, Just Leave, But You're Wonderful

Top 18 Results - The Cut From 18 to 16

Top 18 Group Performance - Choreographed by Shane Sparks
Song: "Elevator" - Flo Rida feat. Timbaland

Here's the video clip:

Hip Hop is fun to watch and with a group that, lets just say it out loud, has a lot of great dancers who happen to be black (not that you have to be black to be a good hip hop dancer but come ON!), Shane Sparks makes good use of the current group of the Top 18 dancers. Though as Kim commented in a post last week, it really seems like the are editing to help promote dancers they really want to push into the Top 10. Some of the camera work has been REALLY annoying with bad shots, bad zooms and REALLY bad editing. But only on SOME. Others are perfectly wonderfully edited. Hmm... thoughts?

And this was no different in the group dance where I only really noticed close ups for Katee and Comfort and the black guys (though I THINK that was Mark and Gev who got parts of the centre leads at moments but again, no close ups so it was hard to tell). On the other hand, Twitch, Will, and Joshua are probably 3 of the strongest males and Katee and Comfort are probably 2 of the stronger girls so maybe my point is moot. Since it would be to Shane's benefit to stick the stronger dancers front and centre.

Anyways, whatever. They are all so evenly good this year that it's still anybody's game and every cut is going to be a tough one.

So my bottom three predictions were Jessica and Will, Susie and Marquis, Chelsea and Thayne.

Season 1 and 2 auditioner (who made it to Vegas) Tino Nunez performs. I'm assuming his footwork was spectacular but I don't think I look anywhere below is belt. Here's the video clip:

So the bottom 3 teams were:

Chelsea and Thayne
Susie and Marquis
Chris and Comfort

Again, I'm 2 for 3 in my predictions again. And if there was one team I wanted in the bottom 3, it was Jessica and Will, the one I was wrong about. Damnit. (I LOVE Will and I figure the judges will keep him safe every time he gets the bottom 3 but I think of all the dancers left, Jessica is the weakest and least likable even though I actually do like her (I just like everyone else more)).

I'm kind of sad that Chris and Comfort are in the bottom 3 since I think they are great individual dancers that got paired up with their polar opposites and already have that much more to deal with than the other pairs. Their Hip Hop wasn't perfect but I still really enjoyed it.

Wait, I was going to also include the two black girls Chelsea T. and Comfort as part of the strong contigent that includes Will, Twitch and Joshua, being two of the strongest girls in the competition and they are BOTH in danger this week? WHAT?

Time to dance for their lives!:

Chelsea Traille - Solo Dance
Song: "The Time Is Now" - Moloko

I'm not sure if Chelsea is actually a good technical dancer but there's a spirit about her that I LOVE and she always seems to spark on stage which helps blind some of her missteps.:

Grade: B+

Thayne Jasperson - Solo Dance
Song: "Belief" - Gavin DeGraw

I think I like Thayne the person more than Thayne the dancer. It's a good effort but it seems to lack the urgency he should be displaying during the solos.

Grade: B-

Susie Garcia - Solo Dance
Song: "The Anthem" - Pitbull feat. Lil' Jon

Is it me or are there still moments that still feel more suited for the strip club than a legitimate (for TV) dance competition?

Grade: B-

Marquis Cunningham - Solo Dance
Song: "Stop and Stare" - OneRepublic

Whoa, I thought it was okay until that flip into the toe reach. I like Marquis but I found it more as a series of tricks rather than a flowy piece but that flip was impressive!:

Grade: B+

Comfort Fedoke - Solo Dance
Song: "Planet Rock" - Afrika Bambaataa

I like her spunk but I thought she could dance a bit more punk.

Grade: B

Chris Jarosz- Solo Dance
Song: "Again" - John Legend

Just like Thayne, I like Chris the person, but I actually do like Chris as a dancer too, but that REALLY felt like he didn't have any urgency in the piece and was even more underwhelming than Thayne's. He seemed almost nervous to showcase what he's got, which is too bad.

Grade: C+

Then Flo Rida performs while the judges deliberate. Does his name have anything to do with his home, Florida? Or was that just a coincidence?

So, Nigel raps philosophical about how they could leave the show but still be great dancers (using a basketball analogy... huh?) but alas, for the girls, they save Chelsea T. even though she needs to step up her dancing game, and they save Comfort based on her performance in Shane Sparks opening choreography. See? What did I just tell you?

So alas, Susie is eliminated.

With the guys, Thayne survives due to his personality, Marquis is criticized for using too many tricks tonight, while Chris was finally praised for displaying his personality (really?). I love Chris but I totally thought he was out.

Alas, Marquis is eliminated and I'm kind of shocked.

For the second week in a row, a full team is eliminated. I'm not as sad as last week since Susie was sort of inevitable but I thought Marquis would last a few more weeks at least.

So long Susie... (to Idina Menzel's "Brave")

So long Marquis... (to James Morrison's "Wonderful World" (Concert Review Here))

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