Friday, June 13, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Why Are You Hurting Me?

Top 20 Results - The Cut From 20 to 18

Oh the wonders of the internet! Love that I can watch from halfway across the world!

Top 20 Group Performance - Choreographed by Wade Robson
Song: "Cobrastyle" - Robyn

So, I already saw the spoiler and maybe most of you didn't care about them but I actually really liked those two, but I had a bad feeling. (Continue below to see who got kicked off after their Dance for their lives solo's and you'll see why it hurts).

On the other hand, since I sort of loved all the Top 20 dancers this year at this point, every week is probably going to hurt isn't it?

Wade must have picked up on the theme here this season.

So let's just get on with it. Maybe if I type faster, it will dull the pain more.

So the bottom 3 teams were:

Rayven and Jamie
Jessica and Will
Kourtni L. and Matt

I was 2/3 in predicting right, yet I didn't guess Jessica and Will even though I thought Jessica might have been the overall single worst individual worst dancer of the night (she's still good but it's a good batch this year so this is relatively speaking) but I thought the terrific Will might have saved their team. Guess not.

Overall, they are mostly strong individual dancers, and in fact, Rayven, Jamie, Will are probably running in my favorites at this early point, and I really like Kourtni and Matt too, so this is going to be tough.

Now they must all DANCE FOR THEIR LIVES. Love the dramatics here:

Jessica King - Solo Dance
Song: "Misery Business (Acoustic Version)" - Paramore

That reminded me of Natalie from Season 2. Loved Natalie! Enjoyed it and we got to see a little more of what Jessica is about, but I'm not sure I loved it. She's still a bit of an enigma to me though.

Grade: B

William Wingfield - Solo Dance
Song: "More Than Anyone (Stripped Version)" - Gavin DeGraw

I think William is terrific and really strong and he seems to inject a bit of humour or overdramatics (on purpose) here.

Grade: A-

Kourtni Lind - Solo Dance
Song: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" - The Side Project

She still seems flaky to me in person but oh, when she dances, that etherealness about her disappears and a powerful movement evokes out of that body.

Grade: A-

Matt Dorame
Song: "Baby's Romance" - Chris Garneau

I'm still not sure I loved his pairing with Kourtni and while upon second viewing, I thought their dance was better than I first thought (but thus explains everyone elses bad perception too and why they landed in the bottom 3), there was still something not quite there but I had assumed it was from Matt. He proves me totally wrong here in his solo.

Grade: A-

Rayven Armijo - Solo Dance
Song: "As I Am (Intro)" - Alicia Keys

It's nice to see someone finally inject some ballet into the competition, giving us something we haven't seen that much of. Not sure if she was perfectly on her toes but there's something about seeing her dance that I really enjoy, mixing ballet and contemporary dance styles.

Grade: B+

Jamie Bayard - Solo Dance
Song: "Mas Que Nada" - Sergio Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas

Another classical dancer, always difficult to showcase in solos, but Jamie tried his darned hardest to give us every move he's got and much like his partner, there's something about him that I really enjoy watching.

Grade: B+

So, there's a rumour out there that the producers are really pushing for a black male or a hip hop dancer to win this year to give some variety to the winners circle and while I'm not sure if that's even remotely true, it IS possible by shifting dance styles and pairing up certain people to help get some through easier than others.

Still, it's difficult this year, and just seeing the boys Will, Matt and Jamie, these are three really strong dancers who are all really cute with likable personalities.

On the girls side, Kourtni is a shoo-in, so it's down between Rayven and Jessica, neither who were really featured in the auditions (along with Jamie on the boys side).

In the end, the judges decided on eliminating Rayven and Jamie (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). Both more classical dancers. Both weren't given screen time during the auditions. Do I smell a conspiracy here? Ugh, I guess it was to be expected but I still don't like it. I'm actually kind of saddened right now.

So long Rayven...

So long Jamie...

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Dani said...

I was so sad to see Rayven go last night. I wanted to see more of her after her awesome performance the first night. I thought she hit much harder than Jamie (and I like Jamie as well).

Thanks so much for blogging SYTYCD- I love this show and your blog helps me rewatch and recap often throughout the boring work day! :-)

Vance said...

Oh youre welcome. thanks for reading! I just love this show so much and figure might as well share the love in case people miss it (and try to rope more people into watching).

yeah. I think Rayven was a bit unfairly dismissed but everyone is really good this year that Im probably going to say the same thing every week.

momo said...

It's hard to cut when they are all good, but Jamie is not a strong Latin dancer. If he had put together a routine based on some of his West Coast moves, the way Benji did, he might have gotten by, but if you are going to bust out a solo based on International Latin Ballroom for Mary and Nigel, you have to do better than he did.
I was sorry to see Rayven go, but her solo didn't show her at her best--the hungry element was missing. But what a classy exit!