Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'd Pick Smarts Over Love

Maybe this is mean but I'm so glad Get Smart beat the bejesus (or is that bemaharajah) out of The Love Guru this past weekend.

4th place? Ouch. You can find Mike Myers currently having a fit somewhere.

I still haven't seen either (though I do want to see Smart but just listening to the nightmare stories from my co-workers that worked on The Love Guru totally turned me off Myers who seemed like such a good Canadian boy.

Apparently not. And the EW article interestingly enough hints at it too (which I'm kind of shocked that it's finally in print).

So apparently no one on set, none of the crew, none of the extras, no one in the production office was allowed to look Mike in the eyes. If they did, they were fired.

My favorite story though is, and while it wasn't Myers who said it, it was the director that he puppeted, while they were filming at Toronto Pearson International Airport in the new sparkly new Terminal 1, they asked if the place could be made to look more like an airport because the airplanes, flight attendants, passengers with wheely bags, gates, air bridges weren't enough. How would anybody know it was an airport if there wasn't a gigantic sign that said airport in the middle of the terminal? They had to make a gigantic sign saying "Airport" as a rush job at the last minute.

We were all afraid Guru was going to do amazingly well since these idiotic movies always seem to, and apparently a sequel was already in the planning stages, but its $14 Million debut (against Smarts $39.2 Million) will hopefully put a quash on things and the clear changing of the comic guard has moved over to the "smart" comedy once and for all.

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