Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crushworthy - Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit. Who? Ta What? (Ta-V-Ate , like Ta V8)

To continue in my bid to introduce more people to some of the hotties appearing on Broadway theatres (or any theatres really (and the photos from this past weekends Broadway Bares are out... and whoo...pass me a hose to cool myself off...(maybe NSFW)), I'd like to do a shout out to a very crushworthy new up and comer in the theatre scene, Aaron Tveit, who I saw Off-Broadway in Saved (and was one of the few saving graces in that mediocre musical that had huge potential) and who takes over the role of Fiyero in that little show called Wicked starting tonight on Broadway! (I may just have to see this again now! It's not my favorite musical (but at least I liked it more the second time around because I hated it at first) but I would LOVE to see it with Aaron in it).

Tveit took over the role of Link in Hairspray a while back (a video clip below), and then really burst out onto the scene this year Off-Broadway, where he was praised for great work in two disappointing musicals, Next to Normal (preview clip below) and Saved (video clip below).

Tveit was chosen to sing the lead in the latest workshop of the new musical Catch Me If You Can (based on the Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hanks movie) in the Leo role against Nathan Lane in the Hanks role and there are unsubstantiated rumours that he's in the lead to get the Tony role in next years highly anticipated Broadway revival of West Side Story. Even if it isn't true, it would be a great rumour to start to GET him the role!

After seeing Saved I can attest that the hoopla surrounding this young upstart is truly warranted, with a strong and powerful voice in a handsome package, an incredibly likable demeanor, and some surprisingly springy legs making his dancing hugely entertaining to watch.

You can check him out in this Saved The Musical clip where he sings "I'm Not The Man I Thought I'd Be" and check his dancing out in "Make It True" (sung by another crushworthy actor, Van Hughes):

Someone taped this at Hairspray with Aaron Tveit as Link singing "It Takes Two":

Here's a video preview of Next to Normal that had Aaron Tveit co-starring with Brian d’Arcy James (who will be the title character in the upcoming Broadway musical Shrek), Alice Ripley (she's fierce!)...,

Jennifer Damiano (Spring Awakening) and Asa Somers.

Thanks to BroadwayWorld.com for most of the photos.

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