Friday, June 06, 2008

Crushworthy - James McAvoy is SO Wanted

I know most people would want to be in James McAvoy's position there but am I the only one that wants to be in Angelina Jolie's position with MY hands around McAvoy's neck?

Wanted opens June 27th 2008 (against Wall*E which I'm SOOOO excited for even though I have no idea what it's about but who needs to when it's a Pixar film? You can't go wrong with them) and even though I usually wouldn't be interested at ALL in Wanted, these pictures might entice me... just a little bit:

He was probably the best part in an already really good film Atonement, and he was one of the most memorable parts in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardobe as Mr. Tumnus. I still need to catch up on his other movies but LOVE James McAvoy!

Here are some other Crushworthy's:

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Not officially Crushworthy posts but has some nice gratuitous pictures nonetheless:

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Linz McC said...

Ay ay ay!! Love him :)

Unknown said...

Mr. McAvoy is one of my favorite actors out there right now. Check out The Last King of Scotland and BBC's Macbeth for some great performances with the Scottish accent intact :)

Stella Louise said...

I'm with you on the James McAvoy love (Just watched Starter for 10 last night!), but Wanted looks like absolute dreck. I'd rent Atonement, Becoming Jane or the aforementioned Starter for 10 instead to get your fix. None of them are great movies, but McAvoy is totally hot in each of them!

Anonymous said...

you need to rent the first series of "shameless"

Vance said...

Oh man. so much to catch up on still! Always wanted to see Starter for 10 and havent even seen Becoming Jane yet either.

Yeah. Wanted looks crap but he looks so hot in it that I kinda want to see it (shameless smile).