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So You Think You Can Dance - What Happens In Vegas

Auditions - Callbacks in Las Vegas, The Top 20 Revealed - Ep. 405

It's the choreographed auditions in Las Vegas when harsh cuts are made fast and furious and it makes for an entertaining episode when we finally get to see some REALLY good dancing but it's so quickly edited, it's still hard to tell who is who and who I like and what their names really are. So it's hard for me to comment since I'm pretty much pointing to the TV the whole time going... who is that? Oh he was good.. oh she's great. Who is she? That guys hot. Oh look Evan! Oh that skanky girl is still there... and so on...

So the judges are: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels, Tabitha D'Umo, Napoleon D'Umo, and Debbie Allen

Tabitha and Napoleon choreograph the first round hip hop routine.

Tyce DiOrio choreographs the second round Broadway routine.

Jean Marc Genereaux choreographs the third round Fox Trot routine.

After that, those left were put into groups of 5.

Each team chooses a song and has the rest of the night to choreograph something to it. This is when the dancers start bickering and arguing over style and choreography as they work their butts off into exhaustion.

Sadly, we only mostly get glimpses of each routine, but one of the ones they showed was pretty awesome:

The Angels and Demons Team - Jessica King, Derek Spears,
Dancing to "Every Breath You Take" - Sting:

I still don't know who the others were but the black girl and the guy in the green shirt were particularly eye catching.

I did love the selection process from here, where if a judge can vote anybody to take a step back. Two steps back and you dance for your life, three and you're out. (It was a yes for the whole Angels and Demon team).

Then the remaining dancers go through the next stop where Mia Michael's choreographs the Contemporary routine.

There's more callbacks.

Then there's the solos.

Then finally... they pick their Top 20. OH! FINALLY! ALREADY! (Didn't they used to make Vegas a 2 night thing?)

So Our Season 4 So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Dancers Are!!!: in the order they were announced:

Courtney Galliano (Charleston)
Chelsie Hightower (Salt Lake City)
Suzie Garcia (Milwaukee)
Chelsea Trail
Kourtni Lind (Milwaukee)
Joshua Allen (Dallas)
Stephen "Twitch" Boss (Los Angeles)
Kherington Payne (Los Angeles)
Rayven Armeno
Matt Dorame (Salt Lake City)
Thayne Jasperson (Salt Lake City)
Marquis Cunningham
Mark Hanimura
Comfort Fadoke
Jamie Bayhart
Chris Jarose
Jessica King
William Wingfield (Los Angeles)
Gev Manoukian (Salt Lake City)
Katee Shean (Los Angeles)

Spelling may be incorrect at this time. (Audition Cities) in parentheses.

So surprisingly we've actually seen a lot of the Top 20. Over half at least.

Because William Wingfield was a student from Debbie Allen, as long as he's still in the competition, Debbie can no longer be a judge.

Meanwhile, they ask Katee and Natalie who were the final 2 for the last spot, whether they would come back again next year and Katee says NO. An attitude the judges don't like. So they have a revote since Katee was GOING to get into the Top 20. The vote ends in a tie and thus gives the overall points to Katee so she's safe, but that was a close one.

If we've learned anything, it's to shut your mouth and just smile.

Some faves that we saw during the auditions that didn't make it through:
Kelli Baker
Evan Kasprnak
Cooper Zamamora
Brandon Bryant (though I had a bit of a problem with his attitude)
Bianca Revels

Plus others that were cut earlier included Jeremiah Hughes who got angry when he screwed up which offended the judges.

So, not a bad list overall. It's hard to tell really since we don't see every part of every audition but now it'll be easier to figure each dancer out as they start the pairings and the REAL competition begins!!! Here's the Top 20 doing their Happy Dance!

Next Wednesday: Top 20 Performance Night!
Sadly, I'll be away for work on Thursday so won't be able to blog the results until the weekend.

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