Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Office - Better Late Than Never

Job Fair - Ep. 413, Goodbye, Toby - Ep. 414 - Season Finale

I know this is super-late and practically irrelevant by now but I only just got around to finally watching The Office finale but it was so good that after a lackluster season, it deserves some quick notes and praise and I was finally excited enough about the show again! Finally, an upswing in quality again after an okay season (which again, is still far better than a lot of shows but we know it can be an amazing show so I have high expectations which this year it did not meet until now).

I also really can't believe I never heard or read any spoilers because I was a little surprised at what happened! Pleasantly, but still surprised.

I think it was genius of Dwight to tell the new HR replacement Holly that Kevin was a little mentally slow. The fact that Holly could easily buy it was hysterical. Loved when Kevin wanted to share his candies. And totally nail her when she was so nice to him. Genius.

There were some nice twists, changing the lives of the office folks and moving the show forward in these character's lives. I liked that Pam got into Pratt (despite not knowing Photoshop and every basic computer graphic program that's just . I liked that Ryan got arrested for fraud, I liked that Jan was pregnant! Better late than never! Right?

Finding out Jan was pregnant was a bit of a shock. Finding out it wasn't Michael's was hilarious and partly a relief. Love that Jan's reasoning was that now she is older, she had to make this child count.

In the brilliant move by the writers, and frustratingly idiotic move by Andy, Jim sets up Toby's going away party up to be the perfect romantic moment to ask Pam to finally marry him (spending money on fireworks and all), so when Andy steals the moment to propose to a horrified looking Angela (response: "okay", Andy "She said YES!"), Jim loses his moment and Pam is saddened with disappointment when she thought Jim was going to propose that night.

Michael's quick change opinion on Holly who is the anti-Toby replacing Toby in his HR job obviously sets itself as the new love triangle, especially now that he feels somehow committed to be a kinda dad to Jan's sperm bank baby. Holly is just a bit too weird for a pretty girl which makes her perfect in Michael's world. For once Michael's idiotic antics didn't seem totally beyond this show and seemed balanced in the episode. (As opposed to the job fair where it was ridiculous beyond belief as he had been most of this season).

Lastly, love Phyllis taking over Angela's party planning job and loved that she loved that fact, but loved it even more when she walks in on Angela and DWIGHT!

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