Tuesday, June 24, 2008

School's Out

They've graduated!!! (at least in Canada, The N will finish airing the final episodes of Season 7 starting July 11th)

Now what?

So after the original Degrassi's and now the spawn of Spike has all grown up and Emma and her friends, including Liberty, Toby, Manny, Spinner and Jimmy, have all graduated from Degrassi High, the over 25 years of Canadian television history has come to an end now that all the original Next Generation characters are graduating from high school and moving on to university.

All with the help from Natasha Bedingfield singing at their prom. A prom my sister also graduated from (you can see her on the left of the screen in a blue dress just after Natasha starts singing "Pocketful of Sunshine" and she's doing that fake dance bored look) when I managed to get her onto the set. Hilarious! OH, she's on the far right in the graduation picture below! HA!

Of course, the show is NOT actually over. There's a season 8 currently in the works, and even though seem to be shipping off Peter to Regina leaving poor Darcy alone at Degrassi, now we know that Darcy (Shenea Grimes) is moving to 90210 so who will be left?

It'll be interesting to see how they build up Holly and co. but considering Marco, Ellie and Paige will not even really continue with their university stories, I'm a bit worried that they haven't built enough care into their younger characters over the last few years for anyone to really care anymore.

For the sake of Degrassi mythology, I hope for the best and hope they can parlay more good scripts for yet another generation. And if not, there's always repeats!

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