Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome Back (My) Boys!

My Boys returns tonight (June 12th) on TBS at 9:30pm! (It will air on E!Canada on Mondays at 9pm). My Boys as in the TV show. I'm not talking dirty or anything here. For those of you in Boston, Kathie of GMMR is hosting a viewing party with guest Jamie Kaler (Mike) and all are welcome to hang with My Boys.

I had to look up a little refresher since the last season ended way back in September pre-Pushing Daisies, pre-writers strike, and pre-Gossip Girl... so it feels like REALLY long ago, but PJ was off on her trip to Rome with best friend Stephanie and still deciding between botanist Evan (Michael Landes), roving reporter Thorn (Jeremy Sisto, Six Feet Under) or baseball player Matt (Travis Schuldt, Scrubs) as her vacation date.

Do people really do that? I wish I had the balls to ask someone pretty new to my life to go travel with (lord knows I've had great travel partners before (hey Jess! hey Dave! Steve & Michelle!) and horrendous ones (hey Cam! hey Sammy! since you'll never read this anyways and if you did, you won't know it's me (names were not changed for their own protection, in fact, their should be a public warning about those 2)). Anyways, let's hope things go better for P.J. in Italy with whomever she chooses!

Here's a little refresher they've edited to capture the entire first season in 4 minutes. Too bad the narrator is pretty dry and it doesn't capture any of the light fluffy fun that the show actually is.

For Americans, you can get in on the action and catch up with full episodes of the entire Season 1 online here.

Here's a sneak peak at tonight's Season 2 premiere episode The Transitioning:

Jordana Spiro as P.J.

Kellee Stewart as Stephanie

Kyle Howard as Bobby

Michael Bunin as Kenny

Jamie Kaler as Mike

Jim Gaffigan as Andy

Reid Scott as Brendan

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