Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crushworthy - Best Musical Hotness

I was saving up a larger post of Hot Broadway Boys but I've decided to split up the hotness for fear of burning out the air conditioner.

So instead, I present a Crushworthy boy (or girl in one case) from each of the 4 nominated Best Musicals as they compete for the big Tony prize tonight on CBS at 8pm. (Go here for my picks and predictions from all the nominees).

So, yes, there are so many hotties in the four shows, and there are obvious picks like Lin-Manuel Miranda from In The Heights Daniel Breaker in Passing Strange, Cheyenne Jackson in Xanadu (who I've already done a Crushworthy post on), but I'm going to give a Crushworthy shout outs to the dancing chorus boys within the ensembles.

From Spencer Liff in Cry Baby , Seth Stewart in In The Heights, Curtis Holbrook who was in Xanadu and will return in the lead role in July after his stint in Saved, and Tony nominated de'Adre Aziza just because she's so lovely in Passing Strange that she defines "I'm willing to switch for her"!

Look at her. What a vision of loveliness! And in the show, de'Adre Aziza swings from a lovely goddess-like vision, to some crazier pretentious artistic kooks, playing comedy, craziness and earnest naiveness all with equal aplomb. That's HOT!

Seth Stewart dances his way through Andy Blankenbuehler's awesome choreography straight into our hearts as a lovable punk in In The Heights. Okay, I don't love the hat, but he's truly mesmerizing with his body movements in the show. Seriously, HOT!

Curtis Holbrook was so adorable taking over the lead at last years Bryant Park concert, that as much as I love Cheyenne Jackson and his thighs in those short shorts, I might just have to see Curtis play the lead role of Sonny this July, especially after seeing Curtis in in Saved, where he killed the few dance steps he was given.

So adorable! I love that California dude vibe he gives off, with a genuine loving spirit all packaged in that tight little body of his.

I actually haven't even seen Cry Baby yet, but whether people liked it or hated it, everyone talks about the choreography and the hot boys who dance it. And the dances has Spencer Liff leading the pack (and winning the Astaire award this year for best dancing). I haven't even seen him dance live yet. I've only seem him practically naked here, but hot DAMN, I could cry, baby.

Here are some other Crushworthy's:

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Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Vance, Thanks for those great shots of de'Adre Aziza, who was even more gorgeous (and very gracious) in person, as I gushed about how much I loved Passing Strange.