Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reality Bites - Gratuitous Reasons To Watch - The Bachelorette, The Mole, Nashville Star

The Bachelorette - Ep. 404
The Mole - Ep. 402
Nashville Star - Ep. 601 - Season Premiere

Nashville Star is in Season SIX already? Seriously?

Also, when did the man who brought us "Achy Breaky Heart" become the father of a new musical dynasty?

Billy Ray Cyrus, the new host in the ever rotating roster for Nashville Star is also father to that little phenom. called Miley Cyrus but ALSO to Trace Cyrus, who is in the band Metro Station with that addictive song "Shake It".

So anyways, I'll explain why I might actually STICK with Nashville Star for a while, and it has nothing to do with the singing and all to do with my libido.

Which is kind of the same reason I'm loving this season of The Bachelorette:

Need I explain myself any further?

Sadly, DeAnna got rid of chef Robert who I had kinda liked until his little fit last night that start DeAnna on a rampage of her own.

Then she got rid of one of my faves, the underdog and adorable Fred because of the lack of chemistry but really because he wasn't as studly looking as the rest of the guys (though lord knows why she still keeps the creepy and creepy looking Twilley around) and was instead, the all round cute nice guy that I would love to date but you women like your bad boys don't you?

So finally there's the quiet Brian W, who had a ROCK HARD (if not pasty white) body and seems charming and nice enough (though hard to say since he barely said anything and was barely shown, which probably means in reality TV world that he wasn't acting like an idiot and actually a nice normal guy) and DeAnna idiotically keeps Sean, Twilley, Jeremy over Brian W., along with Jason, Graham and Jesse .

I still don't like Sean. I didn't buy his speech after winning the car race. It all seemed fake to me.

Twilley still creeps me out.

Jeremy seems like he's playing too hard and I'm not sure if I like him or not now.

Still love Jason, getting to like Graham more and Jesse is adorable enough, though I really see him and DeAnna more like brother and sisters buddy buddy than anything.

So the nice lawyer (Fred) and the nice high school gym teacher Brian W. (I would definitely attend class more if he was teacher) were both dropped, but on the positive side, it means ladies, they are still free and available! Go geddem!

On The Mole, they go to Chile (hey, to the Gondolas and that statue where I went last fall!) and Alex (who seems so cute) and Paul seem to annoy gay Bobby in alternating turns.

At this point, my guess for the Mole changes from Nicole to Clay because Clay seems WAY too quiet and we've seen too little of him.

Still, I'm not sure how I didn't notice Alex last week. I just kept watching him last night.

I started watching a bit of Nashville Star just to check how it was. I love Jewel as a judge, and I actually like that Big & Rich song (I think I get points for knowing who Big & Rich even is) and I really liked a winner from a former season, Brad Cotter so I was curious to see it again now that it has moved back to the main station on NBC.

To be honest, most of the singers didn't really excite me (I only saw about half, but one of these will be the winner and sing at the Olympics?), but then I saw Justin Gaston. He's not that great of a singer, but I'll stick around for more Justin.

Here's why (and remember, I'm totally shallow and sometimes watch reality TV shows for this reason alone) (gratuitous photos below):

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