Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Men In Trees - Money Doesn't Grow On Trees (Just Men)

New Dogs, Old Tricks - Ep. 217, Surprise, Surprise - Ep. 218

I was going to talk about last weeks new episode and get all excited in prepping up for tonight's new episode but apparently I've already seen tonights (Ep. 218 Surprise, Surprise)(and I didn't actually watch last weeks).

I don't know if it was ABC or only the Canadian channel CITY that switched the episodes but the Toronto feed skipped an episode so no wonder I was confused when Patrick was already back in Elmo, Jane and Plow Guy Sam were on the road on their roadtrip back to Alaska, Marin had a dog, and Annie was officially dating the hot hockey guy.

I thought I missed an episode and apparently I did, it just wasn't my fault this time.

So I guess Men In Trees isn't like Lost and we can pretty much guess what happened in between based on tonights episode (that I guess aired mistakenly at least in Toronto last week).

What I loved about tonights episode is that money actually becomes an issue, rarely spoken about on TV (Once and Again was probably the only show that realistically portrayed the struggles of money, and Friday Night Lights to a lesser degree). Marin gets her paycheque for her book and of course Jack pretends to be okay with it but starts to struggle with it when Marin starts paying for new renovations on his own house.

Meanwhile, I LOVED when Jane struggles to accept Sam's thriftyness while they are on the road and in another fairytale twist ending, I LOVED that Sam was thrifty not for economical sake but because of it's the right thing to do. Of course, he had been saving for so long that he was rich, and I'm assuming richer than Jane based on her facial expression when she sees the dollar amount. It was cute and sexy and those two are so hot together. Who knew moneytalk could be sexy? Of course it helps when it comes out of the mouth of Plow Guy Sam (Ty Olsen). Plus the fact that I'm in total agreeance and have the same money sensibility (though I will take a pass on eating at Potatoville to save $3. I do draw the line somewhere).

Patrick is now trying to woo back Annie but she's with hockey dude and he proposes to Annie at the talent show (which again, I guess I missed the auditions portion in the previous episode) and his heartbrokeningly rejected.

They better hurry up and make up because there's only a couple more episodes before the season series finale and I NEED a happy ending here.

Anyways, here's some pictures from last week's episode that I hope will play on the Toronto station tonight.

I'm guessing it didn't work out with Patrick and Sofia...

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