Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Sign I'm In Need Of A Vacation

I actually watched the entire premiere episode of I Survived A Japanese Game Show.

And I laughed hysterically.

I think this is a sign that I need a vacation. So I'm going. Tonight. Sadly I'm going to be missing live airings of So You Think You Can Dance but I'm going to have the marvelous Linz fill in for me as a guest blogger so go check out her site Linz McC's Completely Pointless Blog in the meantime!

Meanwhile, back to I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Seriously. Hysterical.

I'm not sure I can watch this everyweek but the premiere episode was hysterical especially with the whole set up.

I mean, we all know already that Japanese Game Shows are hilarious enough on their own, but to have 10 unsuspecting Americans whisked away to Japan and then literally thrown right into the middle of a taping of an episode and to find out that they are the contestants was simply brilliant.

I could have done a bit without the regular post-game bitching between all the contestants, though the awards that let the Americans explore Tokyo added a Mole or The Amazing Race international travel element to it which was nice. Still, they managed to create a competition reality show mixed with the Japanese Game Show and the Japanese get an episode out of it, and we get the whole making of the episode out of it. What brilliant production coordination.

Anyways, thank goodness Bilinda was saved because I like her. I like that she knew they were loud obnoxious Americans in Japan and needed some proper etiquette lessons from Mama San.

Anyways, I can't wait for the time they will have to do the Human Tetris. They'd BETTER do the Human Tetris! (If you don't know what the human tetris is, check out the videos after the jump below).

I also caught a bit of leadup show Wipeout but it wasn't as funny as the commercials made it out to be. It was a bit of a ... wipeout... (Okay, I admit I kept laughing at the commercial though when people kept bouncing off those giant red balls set upon the water).

At this point, I'm sure it seems like everyone has seen the Human Tetris but lets watch again since it's ALWAYS funny! (9Million hits?!):

Or check this out

Or this new version of the Olympics

Seriously. Oh those wacky Japenese! And you thought it was all sushi and electronics making. Come on, these are the people that invented Karaoke.

On a different note, okay, this is not the Human Tetris game as I know it but it's still pretty amazing:

Wow, some people have WAY too much time on their hands ... (like those watching I Survived A Japanese Game Show) (OMG they have a whole series of videos including Pole Position, Space Invaders and Pong!)

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Anonymous said...

I loved "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" too but personally I thought "Wipeout" was better. Both were absolutely hilarious though. By the way, I don't know if you knew this but FOX is actually making an American version of the Human Tetris called "Hole in the Wall." I can't wait.