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So You Think You Can Dance - So Long, Farewell

Top 16 Results - The Cut From 16 to 14

Hey, loyal Tapeworthy readers! It is me again, guest blogger Linz from Linz McC's Completely Pointless Blog. It's time to say goodbye to another two dancers.

Top 16 Group Performance - Choreographed by Mia Michaels
Song: "The Dance" - Charlotte Martin

Here's the video clip:

This dance looked more like a Wade Robson routine than a Mia Michaels routine to me, probably because it specifically reminded me of Wade's Rama-Lama (Bang Bang) routine in Season 2. I don't like when I can't tell who the dancers are. But I was intrigued by this dance. I don't think I got it, though...

Side note 1: While I was hunting for that Rama-Lama link, I found this amazingness.

So my bottom three predictions were:
Comfort & Chris
Chelsea & Thayne
Courtney & Gev

So the bottom 3 teams were:

Chelsea & Thayne
Comfort & Chris
Kourtni & Matt

Side Note: For some reason, I am always intrigued at what the dancers wear for solo night. I think because it reflects their dance personalities.

I am not really disappointed that Chelsea & Thayne and Comfort & Chris are in the bottom 3. I HAD predicted them to be there. I was happy for Courtney & Gev to make it through, even though I had predicted them in the bottom 3 (and that means I was wrong!). I am REALLY disappointed that Kourtni & Matt are in the bottom 3 over Jessica & Will, since I was kind of ready to say goodbye to Jessica.

Quest was the guest dance group tonight. They performed what I will call a lab experiment gone terribly wrong (and wonderfully right!) to the song "Chemical Calisthenics" by Blackalicious. I enjoyed it and I am always glad to see our old friends Ryan (season 1), Dominic and Hok (both from season 3)

Time to dance for their lives!:

Chelsea Traille - Solo Dance
Song: "A Song for You" - Donny Hathaway

I think Chelsea is really beautiful to watch
Here's the video:

Grade: B+

Thayne Jasperson - Solo Dance
Song: "Always" - Bon Jovi

I didn't feel like Thayne's solo was any more, better, different than last week's. He was fine but not spectacular.
Here's the video:

Grade: B

Comfort Fedoke - Solo Dance
Song: "Just Fine" - Mary J. Blige

We got a little more from Comfort out of her solo than we did last week. IT was better but still not what I keep hoping to see from her.
Here's the video:

Grade: B+

Chris Jarosz- Solo Dance
Song: "After Tonight" - Justin Nozuka

Chris is best at portraying his emotion during his solos, but I still didn't think it was enough.
Here's the video:

Grade: B

Kourtni Lind - Solo Dance
Song: "Fire Door (Live)" - Ani Difranco

I really like Kourtni and I wanted to like her solo more than I did. She is wacky and kind of goofy. I hope she isn't going home tonight.
Here's the video:

Grade: B+

Matt Dorame - Solo Dance
Song: "I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz

I like Matt's solos. He uses the length of his body to make really pretty lines.
Here's the video:

Grade: A-

During the judges' deliberations, Jordin Sparks performs her new single, One Step at a Time. My husband commented that she always dressed like she is 12. Why is that?

Nigel first warns these dancers because they are all repeat Bottom 3-ers. Chelsea is cut without any discussion. I am not too sad to see her go but I would not have guessed she would be the one going.

Matt is called forward and Nigel tells him how amazing he was tonight. Chris is sent home (I never realized how tall he is) and Thayne will now be paired up with Comfort. That should be a fun change.

So long Chelsea... ("When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne)

So long Chris... ("All We Are" by One Republic)

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