Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sexual Set Ups - Swingtown & My Boys

Swingtown - The Pilot - Ep. 101 - Series Premiere, Love Will Find a Way - Ep. 102, Double Exposure - Ep. 103
My Boys - Dinner Party - Ep. 202

I'm still not totally convinced about Swingtown yet. I love the sets and the costumes but I find my mind starts drifting away. And not even to anything dirty considering I'm basically watching some philandering adults and some a bit of spring awakening amongst the kids in the very white suburb of an American town circa 1976. I usually drift away into making grocery lists in my head or something very unsexy.

Still, I love Jack Davenport (Coupling UK) and Canada's Molly Parker (Deadwood) enough to stay with the show, but at this point, they are really the only characters I care for. It doesn't help that their kids look nothing like them, and in fact, the son looks SO much like Miriam Shor that I keep confusing which kid belongs to who.

Speaking of Miriam Shor (forever cool for being in Hedwig and the Angry Inch), I'm liking this new sexual awakening she's being forced to discover but I don't really buy her marriage to Josh Hopkins (Ally McBeal, Brothers & Sisters) and her character is a bit TOO shrill and conservative and I know its all part of the DRAMATICS to act shocked at her friends newfound interest in swinging with their new neighbours but they are lucky they cast Shor because for her, I'll buy into it just a bit longer.

Love Grant Show just because they actually cast Grant Show in something but I don't really care for Lana Parillo's sexually open character at this point.

Thank god that they brought in that new couple with (the always yummy) Mark Valley (Boston Legal, Once and Again and his former playboy bunny wife. It's a fun dynamics of a sexually open couple who don't annoy me as much (possibly because I'm always looking at Valley).

I'm hanging onto the show but barely. It seems like everyone else is loving the show way more than I am and wondering what I'm missing. At this point I think I still like the concept of Swingtown more than I like the actual execution.

On My Boys, now with that whole "who was on the plane" deal out of the way, and now that P.J. must move on (for now, because I'm sure they aren't going to let this go, but they can't resolve it either because it would just kill the show), the show gets back into its regular groove, and with this show, that's a good thing.

It may not be the most original of series, but it has a comfortable feel, like hanging out with your friends at the bar, which, hey, is what the show is about. (I guess it's a bit of Cheers mixed with Friends on a Sex and the City lite mode isn't it?). And at least they get to go back to Crowleys again!

This week, Andy shows the boys his new HOT nanny and the boys drool all over her.

Meanwhile, P.J. throws a dinner party that was supposed to be for singles to mingle where Mike brings a gay man for P.J. and Stephanie to fight over.

While I enjoyed the first episode of the new season and love that P.J. is considering Bobby again, it was this second episode that really felt like it got back into the groove this show does best, with all the boys and P.J. and Stephanie interacting together.

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