Friday, June 13, 2008

My Boys - Second Chances

The Transitioning - Ep. 201 - Season Premiere

You know, I totally enjoy this show but I forgot that we are only just starting season 2. Didn't this seem like this show has already been on forever? I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign considering a lot went on during the extended first season (that actually DID start back in 2006, was split into 2 parts, and continued last summer) but while it's not my favorite show, I sure enjoy hanging back and hanging with My Boys when it is on since it's like a

So last time we were with P.J. and the gang, she was off to vacation in Italy with Stephanie, her boyfriend, and the man that P.J. asked to go along.

The choices again were botanist Evan (Michael Landes), roving reporter Thorn (Jeremy Sisto, Six Feet Under, Law & Order) or baseball player Matt (Travis Schuldt, Scrubs) and who did she actually ask?

Much to Stephanie's surprise, but not really mine (and I'm glad my hunch was right), and P.J. asked Bobby to Italy.

He's rich, he's fun, he's cute, and he's her best buddy, and she secretly harbors feelings for him and they almost had a thing.

Of course, as Stephanie points out to P.J., does BOBBY know this? Knows her possible feelings? Her intentions on this romantic Italian trip?

Apparently not, since Bobby invites Stephanie to stay with them in their romantic villa when Stephanie's boyfriend becomes a dud and she breaks up with him on the first day of their trip.

Alas, Bobby is clueless to P.J.'s attention while Stephanie swears off boys for good and decides to write a book. Just like that.

Stephanie never really felt like she belonged in the boys gang but I kinda love her role as the girly girl in P.J.'s life and for adding a bit of the sex and a bit of the city into P.J.'s life (and the show).

Back in Chicago, Mike screws the scene up when he sleeps with the waitress at Crowley's, doesn't call and then gets the gang kicked out and banned for 2 weeks.

When P.J. gets the news upon her return, she goes and fixes the situation, but love that he leaves Mike out of the bar (after she learns that he adopted an accent during his seduction).

Meanwhile, P.J. hides her disappointment of the failed re-sparking of her and Bobby who is slightly hurt and offended when she jokes about her repulsion for him after they get riled by the boys.

AND poor Bobby's Kyle Howard yet again doesn't get the girl. When IS the poor boy going to ever get a good girl? On The Opposite Sex, Grosse Point, Related etc. etc. etc...

Granted, I guess the show would end if P.J. and Bobby actually got together.

I like that Brendan is still P.J's roommate and that their whole past is in the past, though at this point he's sort of there just to be pretty and needs another good storyline that doesn't involve that girlfriend.

Love that Andy is happy about selling out to work for the big bad law firm. I don't actually approve, but I think his whole shopping spree is hilariously disturbing.

So, I guess P.J.'s boys from last year are gone (though I guess Jeremy Sisto is too busy as a cop on Law & Order, Travis is busy crying over Elliott on Scrubs and Landes... goes back to oblivion (which is really too bad)) but I am glad her main boys are back to hang out. Crowley's or not.

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