Thursday, June 05, 2008

Let's Swingtown

Swingtown starts tonight at 10pm on CBS and Global.

I'm not sure how much I'll like it (reviews have been both good and bad) as I wasn't able to see the preview I got for it (I was having technical difficulties and it would never play with sound), but it does have a pretty great cast with a few favorites.

There's Jack Davenport from the British Coupling which is one of those shows whose cast I'm now completely devoted to. Just buy the Complete Series DVD. It's GREAT! Jack Davenport was probably more famous from being in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies but he was awesome in Coupling, the comedy about sex and love. Now he gets to time travel back to the swinging 70's in the drama about sex and love and swinging.

Always enjoyed looking at Josh Hopkins (Brothers & Sisters, Ally McBeal). Miriam Shor cemented herself as another favorite for being in Hedwig and the Angry Inch but she's even funny in mediocre stuff (like last years Big Day).

Then there is the return of Grant Show. I know he's been around but really, it's like he's disappeared since Melrose Place.

Finally, there's Canadian Molly Parker (Deadwood) who I still remember from the controversial Canadian movie Kissed (about a woman in love with a dead body, so this swinging thing is a step up).

I'm not crazy about Lana Parillo and the dated look looks well... dated and not in the ooooh, look how things used to look like on Mad Men, but I love enough people in the cast that I'll have to give this a try. Plus how can you not love this picture with the crazy cheesy smile on their faces looking another way.

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Anonymous said...

I have watched both episodes and am totally into it. I love it. It makes for a great Thursday night t.v. watching that's for sure.