Monday, June 16, 2008

Smoke Up! Weeds Is Back!

Weeds is back but where did Nancy and the Botwins go?

Our favorite smokin' desperate housewife is back tonight (Monday June 16th) on Showtime at 10pm (with the new show Secret Diary of a Call Girl with Billie Piper (Doctor Who) following at 10:30pm and while I would like to do a whole post on that show alone, I don't have time right now but let's just say that I got REALLY addicted to the show and it's quite well done, and better than I would have ever imagined (but it IS a British show so maybe the accent adds some class or something). Terrifically fascinating look at a call girl who does it for the love of sex and money, and not because she needs to for dark reasons. It's a great twist on the double life genre and while I'm holding off on a current ***1/2 (3.5 star) rating, I'm very tempted to give it a **** (4 star) rating already). (No word yet when Showcase in Canada will start airing both shows).

The last time we saw them, the McMansion was burning and Nancy was segwaying her way out of Agrestic/Majestic and Andy and the kids were getting out of there.

Apparently they left Heylia and Conrad behind since they will only become re-occuring characters this upcoming season, just as Albert Brooks joins the cast for a few episodes and Julie Bowen (Ed, Lost, Boston Legal) will show up as a MILF for Silas when the Botwins (and Celia and Doug tagging along of course) escape to a seaside town where things start smoking up again!

Seriously, I may not talk a lot about this show (mainly because the Canadian network that airs it usually is about 1 - 2 months delayed) but I love this show and I love Mary Louise Parker and the entire cast is superb and this show does NOT go where you think it will. It's truly shocking AND funny and it keeps ranking in my top 10 in my Best of TV list for a reason!

If you haven't already, catch up with the first 3 seasons on DVD (and not that hard because they are your typical shorter Cable network show seasons) and join in the fun!

I can tell you after already watching the first two episodes of the new season that things are just going to get more "fun" for Nancy Botwin as the family relocates away from the troubles in Majestic/Agrestic. But I'm sworn to secrecy at this point and let you discover what Nancy is up to, and how hilariously/sad Celia has become.

My my Silas, you've sure grown! Did I mention how inappropriately hot Silas (Hunter Parish) has become?

Here's the short little trailer where it might be the last time we hear the "Little Boxes" song since it would no longer work in their new location.

Here's a little video clip preview with interviews for Season 4 of Weeds:

Here are the promotional pictures of the cast of Weeds for Season 4:

Mary Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin

Elizabeth Perkins as Celia Hodes

Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson

Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin

Justin Kirk as Andy Botwin

What, no pictures of Alexander Gould (as Shane Botwin)? Poor boy.


Joe Reid said...

I'll always think it's a shame they never found anything good for Heylia to do once Nancy passed her on the food chain. Total missed opportunity. I thought they were getting somewhere with Heylia and Celia crossing paths last season, but...guess not.

And you're not kidding about Silas. Yow.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the current tv listing situation is in Toronto, but I saw a handful of episodes of "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" when I was at home for Xmas. I believe it was on Bravo (though it may have been Showcase).

I really got hooked on it, but as with you, couldn't figure out if it was just the accent. My take on it was that it was like "Sex in the City", but more with more sex, in a different city. That's perhaps a bit glib, but it's got a similar take on personal issues (especially relationships) through the lens of sex.