Monday, June 09, 2008

Greek Is The Word

It's Tony week but forget about the lame revival of Grease, let's talk about Greek again on ABC Family (and will soon join the CTV lineup in Canada this summer... FINALLY) since tonight is the Season Finale (even though I'll now be 4 episodes behind still)!

Again, I would recap this more on a weekly basis if I could actually watch this show on time but I'm slightly delayed since I don't get ABC Family and while I still haven't quite caught up to where the rest of you are, I've seen most of the new episodes for Part 2 of Season 1 so far and I'm still loving this guilty pleasure of a show.

It's like Gossip Girl but wholesome (in a beer chugging frat boy wanting to get into your pants on the college campus kind of way).

So I'm only up to the Mr. Purr-fect episode (118) when Cassie gets quickly dumped by her new hottie after Evan buys him out...

AND Evan is BACK! In the game.

Now when does Cappie get back involved in the triangle (or is that in the episodes I haven't caught up with yet)? He can't REALLY be with Rebecca Logan for good can he? (Though Dilshad plays her bitchingly great!).

I still haven't gotten to Calvin's big gay kiss either but I loved where that they continue to actually give him a possible love life (and that his previous makeout dude still hangs out at Kappa Tow in the background). Loved that Dale was trying to help "switch" Calvin over and that he himself learned from Rusty about the greatness of being away from the parents.

I could have did with less of the annoying girl from headquarters (what happened to Charisma Carpenter?) but I guess that was the point, the annoying thorn in the Greek systems side.

Anyways, so much fun but I need to get caught up still.

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