Thursday, May 22, 2008

Broadway Showings - Rent in Cinemas, Cry Baby Boys Bare

Rent is coming to your movie theatres. No, not that sucky movie version that Chris Columbus destroyed. No, the live performance straight from Broadway for its final performance in September!

Kinda like the way the Met Opera has been showing their performances live on HD at your local cinema.

And if the Met can do it, why can't Broadway? I'm curious if this will work (since it's a huge hit for the Met), but I was thinking I actually wanted to see the final Rent but can't make it out to New York then, so this might be a good way, especially now that Will Chase is taking over as Roger!

Onto some gratuitous Broadway news fawning, I'm still curious to see Cry Baby even with everyone knocking it, but I'd like to see Rob Ashford's (Tony nominated) choreography which I hear is amazing, but I'd also like to see the apparent gorgeous boys who bare quite a bit for HX magazine. (And don't forget about Broadway Bares for Broadway Cares/Equity Fight Aids this June 22nd!)

Pictures after the jump. May NSFW.

Charlie Sutton and Spencer Liff (who with Rob Ashford as choreographer, won the Astaire Dancing Award)

Cover boy Marty Lawson

Charlie Sutton:

Spencer Liff
Can someone pass me a towel to wipe up my drool?

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