Thursday, May 01, 2008

American Idol - 1 More Down, 2 More To Go

Top 5 Results - The Cut from 5 to 4

What's more tedious than a seemingly endless episode filled with Idols singing Neil Diamond songs? A results show to see who did the worst on the Neil Diamond songs that seemed to go on forever and ever and ever.

Even on fast forward.

What did we ever do before the fast forward button? Oh yeah, that was probably back when we listened to Neil Diamond songs.

If there was one redeeming factor to the whole hour, it was the marketing assault preview the lovely Kat Deeley presented of sister show So You Think You Can Dance!!! May 22nd people! Get ready to dance!

Natasha Bedingfield sang "Pocketful of Sunshine". Just as I've been getting tired of her and I deleted her off my iPod, I'm getting slowly sucked into this peppy if not downright annoying catchy song. Great, and just as she's about to embark on some mass media assault (she's going to be guest starring in the big Prom season finale of Degrassi: The Next Generation, also now known as the last dance before Darcy moves to Beverly Hills, 90210):

In the meantime, we're assaulted with another medley of Neil Diamond songs by the remaining top 5 contestants and it was horrendous and awkward. (Take a look after the jump)

More awkward? No, not the Ford commercial (but yeah, this one was just as awkwardly surreal as ever, also after the jump below). No, the elimination, or actually, the reaction seemed to finally be an unrehearsed true response to the bad news was really awkward to watch (so of course, I've posted it below!):

Jason is brought out first and is pronounced safe. Damn, I was right.

Meaning it's down between the two girls. What, did you really think the David's would be in danger?

Alas, Syesha finally put some soul and emotion just in the nick of time and saved herself just as Brooke came off a few weeks of blunders, but Brooke, who seemed to know it was coming, still became over emotional and didn't seem to be taking it well. Poor girl, she had so much potential and was one of the most interesting girls we've had in the competition. She wasn't totally conventional which made her shine, but her folksy singer/songwriter style just couldn't fit into the American Idol/Neil Diamond/Andrew Lloyd Webber/whatever-other-crap-they-are-forced-to-sing mold. Whatever happened to the non-themed nights. Or even the general theme nights? Anyways, here's Brooke's elimination and swan song:

Oh well, 1 more down, 2 more to go before the final David vs. David showdown.

Here was that horrendous opening group medley of Neil Diamond songs:

Here's the weird Ford commercial to "Catch the Wind":

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