Friday, May 09, 2008

New Melchior! And He's Canadian! Because We Know Sexual Frustration!

It's official. Sort of.

Canadian singer/songwriter Kyle Riabko is taking over Melchior from Jonathan Groff after next weekend.

Alexandra Socha, currently sitting as an ensemble member of Spring Awakening, on the even numbered side by the band, will take over Wendla from the departing Lea Michelle.

So apparently I was wrong at first but then I was right in my update.

Kyle Riabko appears in the 4th season of Instant Star which will air this summer on CTV starting Sunday June 8th at 7pm (CTV also has the episodes free on Broadband online). (I think it will also air this summer on The N in the states). (It's made by the folks from Degrassi:TNG)

I also actually have all his CD's (well, my sister does but in my house everything is shared, what's your is mine and mine is yours). So it's kinda cool that he's joining my favorite musical obsession! Spring Awakening!

Which oddly enough, I'm seeing again this weekend! So if you're there Saturday night, I'll be on the stage seats (sadly on the odd side as it was all I could get) for my last encounter with Groff and Michelle in Spring Awakening... sigh...

UPDATE (May 14 2008): Both The Star and Globe and Mail have articles of Kyle's Broadway debut, and also confirms that he will also be Melchior on the National Tour.

Here's another picture of Kyle Riabko.

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