Friday, May 02, 2008

Career Watch/Crushworthy - Cheyenne Jackson, Damn, Xanadu Me!

Cheyenne Jackson has apparently just signed on to do Damn Yankees this summer at the City Centre Encores in New York, along with Ana Gasteyer, Sean Hayes and Jane Krakowski. DAMNIT, now I REALLY have to see this.

Although didn't he (and Kerry Butler, Mary Testa, Jackie Hoffman and Tony Roberts) just sign on to stay with Xanadu until Jan. 2009? Fabulous either way! And I hope Jackson, Butler, Testa, Hoffman and the show gets Tony nominated because they are all a hoot!

Cheyenne Jackson, the hunky talented showman gained attention headlining the Broadway bomb All Shook Up (aka the Elvis jukebox musical which he somehow survived unscathed, showing how good he is), played Mark Bingham in United 93 (the best movie of 2006) and then took over the role of Sonny in Xanadu at the last moment when James Carpinello injured himself before the opening. I never saw Xanadu with Carpinello but Jacksons chemistry with Kerry Butler is electric, making the whole campy affair fun and wholesome (and very very gay (even though it's not a gay musical), with Sonny's short shorts showing Jackson's solid thighs helping with that).

It's nice that Jackson is also publicly out and proud of it. Sadly, he's also taken.

The only other bad news with his continued presence on the stages in New York is that we don't get him on the screen more elsewhere. I guess that means his pilot Family Practice for Lifetime didn't get picked up?

Anyways, his voice is beautifully powerful and there are a few more pictures after the jump (Some May Be NWSF):

He also makes hilarious cameos in the [title of show] show! "GET OUT OF HERE CHEYENNE JACKSON!"

My review of Xanadu.

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mB said...

I am so excited for Damn Yankees it's not even funny. I love the show (and it might have something to do with the fact I produced a UBC Rez production of it a couple of years ago) and with this cast... CAN'T WAIT!

PS. So I should be rushing to see Xanadu next? (Since I seem to be on a Bway rampage...)

Vance said...

Yah, see Xanadu! Its silly fun. REALLY silly. But fun. And if not, staring at Cheyenne's thighs for 90 minutes is not a waste of time.

I noticed your Bway Rampage! Thats how it all started with me 1.5 years ago.. now i can't stop!

Alicia said...

Interesting, too, that Cheyenne is teaming up with Jane Krakowski for this venture. Back when they were workshopping it, she was meant to play Kira before 30 Rock got picked up. When she left, so did Cheyenne... It looks like they will finally get the chance to work together... Color me VERY excited for this one!

Anonymous said...

Cheyenne is also a really nice guy. We had a chance to work with him on a short film a couple years ago called Curiosity. He was a total pro.