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Lost - Back To The Future

There's No Place Like Home - Part 2 & 3 - Ep. 413 - Season 4 Finale

The New York Times has an article that brought up some theories that I would have never thought of. Because I'm so confused. Enthralled. But confused.

Now that I'm primed for the season finale, let's begin! An end to the most superb season yet, one that has redeemed all the doubters out there who lost faith in some of the slower times of season 2 and 3. One that has just been a non-stop action/thriller/drama rollercoaster ride propelled by last years season 3 finale.

And talk about an intense finale. Dramatic and INTENSE and yet they still manage to throw in some funny lines and moments between all the gasp inducing revelations. Did I mention it was INTENSE? And Gasp INDUCING?

Jeremy Bentham said he could keep Kate and Aaron safe but it was HIS funeral that jack had attended last year...(back in the future)

and here we start a year later from last years shocking finale which is actually 3 years ahead from when they got off the island, when Jack is with full beard and in need of some anonymous group.

Oh man I'm confused already. Who is Jeremy Bentham?

So Jack and Sawyer finds Hurley and Locke again in the jungle. Locke wants bygones be bygones and asks Jack to stay on the island.

Michael, Jin and Desmond try to figure out a bomb on the freighter that is full of triggers that go boom. Sun tells Michael she's pregnant (oh yeah, I guess he missed a lot of gossip on the island didn't he?).

I know why Keamy seems super creepy (other than killing Alex). He's like a young Christopher Walken, if he were better looking in his younger days. (Seriously, I can't believe the actor Kevin Durand started out as a comedian in Canada!). Keamy wonders why Widmore would want Ben alive. Who knew he didn't know?

Just as Frank gets caught with a toolbox at the helicopter, Kate and Sayid and "others" launch an attack and Keamy is violently killed (or is he?) by Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell). Ben is taken away with the "others" and Kate and Sayid are free to get off the island. Just like that.

Then we return to Hurley in the asylum. It's like the best of flashbacks/forward episode. Then an older black lady walks in with her grandson, ready to meet Hurley again.

OMG. It's WALT. All grown up. 3 years later. (How convenient and brilliant).

Walt wishes Hurley had come to visit him, because only Jeremy did, but everyone is lying about it to protect all those left on the island.

So I guess this Jeremy dude is important eh?

Locke asks Jack to lie about everything that happened on the island if/when he goes back. The miracle island needs to be protected. Then Ben shows up. Ben. Locke. Jack. Together again. Can there be more testosterone in the room jungle?

Then Ben and Locke go down an elevator in the Orchid station. Love Ben's sarcastic tone when Locke wonders if it was the magic box. Instead, it's another video and by that Chinese doctor Dr. Marvin Candle. Basically explaining about time traveling bunnies in the egg shaped shower looking thing that reminds me of leftovers from the Austin Powers set.

Wait. Did Ben just confirm about time traveling bunnies?

Keamy returns (and I gasp still) and he has his security, the green button on his arm which I guess isn't an iPod. A green button that tracks his heart rate I guess, because Locke knows that everyone on the freighter is now dead, after Ben violently attacks Keamy and kills him (for real this time. . ?). Ben has little reaction to the notion that he just killed everyone on the boat.

Meanwhile, the new group seems to be imploding on itself as Daniel warns Charlotte and Miles that they NEED to get off on the next raft, but Miles is going to stay, and wonders why Charlotte is so quick to leave after trying so hard to come back.

Say what?

Daniel goes into the next raft, leaving Charlotte and Juliet on the beach.

Another best-of flashes into the future when we see Sayid kill someone that had been outside of Santa Rosa's Mental Institution so that Sayid can convince Hurley to escape out with him, 2 days after Jeremy Bentham dies.

Jack and Sawyer joins Kate, Sayid and Hurley, cuts Frank's handcuffs and off they go. Off the island. In haste.

The helicopter is losing fuel and they must dump as much weight as they can. So Sawyer jumps. After kissing Kate. In front of Jack. Ouch.

Michael, Jin and Desmond try to freeze the megabomb for enough time to de-activate the bomb on the boat, but there are too many wires to figure out. The red light on the bomb lights up and the nitrogen freezing buys them some time.

Just as the helicopter lands on the freighter. They patch up the hole in the fuel line fast enough in a fury and Desmond and Sun manage to get on the departing helicopter but Jin misses the ride. Michael runs out of nitrogen. Sees Jack's father. And the boat blows up with Michael and Jin still on it and Sun looking on from the helicopter above. I didn't think I would get emotional but watching Sun screen in horror was painful as they fly back to the island.

Then the wickedest of flash forwards and we see Sun in London, tracking down Charles Widmore and she cuts right to the chase, letting Widmore know where he could find her when he's ready to talk. Ready to talk about their common experience of leaving the island.

Meanwhile, Ben puts on his Dharma Initiative (with a new Octagon commercial!) winter coat and leaves Locke to lead the Others as he crawls through the hole behind the egg-shaped shower bunny time traveling machine where he goes down an icy cave, down ladders, falls, hurts himself (exactly the way we will later find him awoken in the desert) and then turns a huge clog that seems to emit a huge light from the island...

before the island DISAPPEARS right before Sun, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Aaron and Frank's eyes, and just as the helicopter runs out of fuel, crashing into the ocean...

And we are STILL not done yet! Forget OMFG for Gossip Girl.

OMFG they just MOVED THE ISLAND on LOST. All because Jacob told them to. And Ben listened. WHAT???

The helicopter gang manage to save themselves in a dinghy and is found by a boat and Jack panics and tells them that they all need to lie together. Lie because there's been a whole other plane discovered as Oceanic 815. Because someone sent the freighter to kill everyone. Because the island just OMFG MOVED.

Oh, and on the boat that rescues the gang? Is Penny Widmore. (And NOW my body gives me chills during this episode? CHILLS!)

Desmond and Penny are reunited!!! And they leave Jack, Sun, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Aaron to start their lie by rafting their way into a small village Mumbata (?)

And the Oceanic 6 are formed.

I'd leave you there but there was also a flash forward with Kate dreaming of Claire warning her not to bring Aaron back, and another flash forward with Jack (and beard) breaking into the funeral home where Jeremy Bentham's body lays.

And then another reunion! GASP. With Ben.

Apparently Jeremy told Jack that some very bad things happened after he left the island and it was his fault for leaving him, and Jack needed to go back.

Jack has been flying back and forth trying to crash onto the island, but Ben lets him know that the island will only let them back if they ALL return together.

ALL of them. Including the dead Jeremy Bentham. Laying there in the coffin.

We know Jeremy Bentham better as John Locke.





And the adventure is just beginning...

See you in 2009! 17 New episodes for Season 5!

17 more for Season 6 for the final finale in 2010!

The future of this show is as exciting as ever! I can't WAIT!

Photos Mario Perez/ABC

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