Friday, May 23, 2008

Grey's Anatomy - Rock Solid

Freedom - Ep. 416 - Season Finale

3 Major Cases this week.

The continuation of Rebecca/Ava and her delusions.

The other two all sported adorable young people in bad situations.

There's Beth (Jurnee Smollett) and Jeremy (Marshall Allman, TJ on Prison Break), who met because they were sick, want to get it on much to Beth's parents disapproval. All while Beth must decide on experimental surgery, just as Jeremy is to go into his own life threatening surgery.

Then there's Andrew, who in a stupid dare from bullies as he's trying to impress a girl amongst that group, jumps into quick dry cement at a construction site which is hardening, expanding and thus crushing his body and burning his skin.

The cases were finally front and centre again with Mer and Der's continuing saga floating around, again being reiterated at Meredith's therapy sessions as Beth and Jeremy's love and devotion to each other kept needling and reminding Meredith and Derek of the emotions they were hiding from.

Rock boy was a strangely powerful and affecting case, and while the cute boy cast as the outsider that became stuck in the concrete rock in order to impress the cool group was probably a quick and easy shameless way for us to automatically identify with, it worked. Everybody has a different take and concern on the saviour procedures and Richard, Bailey, Callie, Sloan and Hahn slowly fight to save the boy (with some help from Christina).

Bailey is amazing trying to calm the boy down, outing herself as a sci-fi fan and generally being the awesome Bailey we came to love from the start.

When the boy is finally cut out from the rock, he ends up going unconscious due to the rush of chemicals that are allowed to flow now, and Christina saves the day against an angry Hahn in the surgery room.

Meanwhile, the cool group bullies are jerks and Callie and I just want to smack them. What's WRONG with these people? The sad thing is, there are tons of kids out there like that. What's WRONG with them? What's WRONG with their parents for letting them turn out that way? ARGH.

Meanwhile, the girl hints at being secretly friends with rock boy Andrew but refuses to show it for fear of public humiliation until Callie continues calling her out.

Andrew survives, thanks to Christina, and Hahn is annoyed. Meanwhile, Bailey gives a good talkin' to the stupid girl and she finally comes to see Andrew and give him the kiss he so wanted.

He's too good for her, but whatev, it was sweet in the end and it was rewarding to see him so happy (even though we know he deserves better).

Izzie is still trying to protect Alex from Rebecca. Izzie is Rebecca's doctor and tries to keep her in the hospital, but Alex insists on taking care of the sick Rebecca. He opens up about his past when he already took care of his mom when he was a boy, but he'll do a better job now as a man. It's possibly the first time we've heard about his past, no?

Lexie ends up stealing everyone's files from Richard's office after George had been tempted, but the information that George had failed by a single point only disturbed George more than it helped.

Bailey gives up the clinic to Izzie, because Bailey loves everything else more, loves her family more, and she thinks Izzie is ready to take it on.

Meredith figures out that her mother's attempted suicide was not real, just a ploy to get Richard back. It was also a veiled lesson for Meredith to chase after her man, and not a lesson about surgery.

Alex loses Rebecca to the psychiatric docs and seeks comfort in a kiss from Izzie.

Actually, everyone kisses.

Callie kisses Hahn. Sloan looks on proudly. Ha!

Richard begs Adele to take him back. She does. They kiss.

George gives a quick kiss to Lexie when he decides to retake the intern exam after the info she found for him, and she likes it, unbeknownst to him.

Meredith sets up a big romantic gesture, using candles to draw up plans for their future house, but then yells at Derek when he finally arrives late. They kiss. Then Derek leaves. To break up with Rose.

See ya next season!

I'm shocked! Shocked that they actually wrapped up all the storylines into fairytale endings. Yeah, we'll get the happily ever after aftermath next season, but they didn't really leave any shockers, anything hanging, but after the tumultuous years they've had, it's actually nice to have a bit of stability as we leave for the summer!

It was a rock solid finale, and while the previous few episodes mixed the humour and drama better, it moved along smoothly right to the end with some interesting and heartbreaking cases that helped teach our favorite doctors at Seattle Grace some valuable lessons. Lessons that finally led to all the kissing at the end.

It's been a good week for 2 hour ABC finales hasn't it? Desperate Housewives was brilliantly good and Lost continues next week!
Photos courtesy Michael Desmond/ABC

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