Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grey's Anatomy - My Mind's Made Up

Losing My Mind - Ep. 415

I've been losing my mind a bit with my crazy schedule with both work and play, and the lack of sleep and I'm off and away for the Canadian holiday weekend so will be MIA until Tuesday, but Grey's Anatomy was so good that I need to do a quick post. Plus I think I need to re-boost Grey's Anatomy's status to 4 stars, if not higher again. I haven't made up my mind yet, but it's definitely getting a boost.

Just to hammer in the point, they have yet another brain defect case with delusions as a consequence. This week, a single lady is in need of brain surgery which also may be causing her to imagine a fake boyfriend, or so her sister assumes. Derek wants to give more time for the "boyfriend" to show up, Meredith is less willing to believe.

I'd be annoyed at this whole device if it didn't employ two great character actresses that you always see around shows (isn't one an "Other"?) and if the final twist didn't actually work, but while we are lead to believe that the woman was actually crazy and imagining things due to her illness, she was actually telling the truth, with the boyfriend showing up after they finally operate unsuccessfully on her. I liked that they went with the bad ending, and then the good because although it was a bit of a cheat, it was the hope and positivity that we oh so needed. Plus it still worked well with Meredith and Derek's continuing saga but didn't feel annoying.

The rest of the episode continued the perfect balance of the hilarious, the sublime and the drama between Callie, her Sloan-with-benefits, and Hahn, who gladly accepts her role as the possible lesbian tease in Mark's threesome wish.

George continues to serve as Richard's special intern, Christina is still going crazy knowing Burke's success, and Hahn fights with Richard on a case to suture up Richard's own idol and former boss. Seriously, Hahn rocks. She was wrong in her assessment of her own skills, but she rocks. Brooks Smith plays it amazingly and the character is written amazingly. Love her!

As cliched as it was, Lexie's angry restroom rant towards Meredith, revealing ALL of Meredith's issues, from hateful mom, barely-there-father and all, with her therapist in the stall, was still funny as ever. Plus finally, Lexie told it like it is to the selfish Meredith. Ya sista'!

Izzie's attempt to warn Alex of Rebecca's lies, especially after Sloan thinks there could be more psychological damage behind all the issues, was heartbreaking.

I'm so happy that Grey's Anatomy has completely refreshed itself to the perfect melodrama that it had been.

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