Friday, May 16, 2008

Tapeworthy Massive CatchUp - Desperate Housewives, Aliens in America, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, House, Gossip Girl,Survivor

Desperate Housewives - Mother Said - Ep. 415
Aliens in America -
Wake at the Lake - Ep. 117
The Big Bang Theory -
The Peanut Reaction - Ep. 116
How I Met Your Mother -
Everything Must Go - Ep. 319
Bones -
The Wannabe in the Weeds - Ep. 314
House -
House's Head - Ep. 415
Gossip Girl -
Woman on the Verge - Ep. 117
Survivor: Micronesia - Fan vs. Favorites -
Stir the Pot! and Reunion - Ep. 1714 & 1715 - Season Finale

Life's been still busy this week (especially at work as everything is actually being rushed to be done before our Canadian long weekend this weekend) so I'm falling behind on the blogging, and CBS pre-empting their Monday night comedies to follow the live breaking news of a man wielding a gun on the Interstate in a stalled car for a FULL HOUR (if not more) didn't help my week, so I only finally got to watch How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory when they finally aired it on Wednesday morning at 2am. Yes. 2 am. And you wonder why HIMYM gets bad ratings.

I also haven't caught up with House due to time, and Gossip Girl due to the fact that we don't get The CW in Toronto (without antenna) and CTV is being a douche by holding it back until Friday May 30th (and restarting on FRIDAYS at 9pm during the SUMMER, what ARE they thinking?), but I ended up watching this weeks episodes at my friends house and will play catch up hopefully soon.

I also didn't have time to watch the Thursday night lineup yet but will get to that hopefully soon.

Anyways, here are some REALLY quick thoughts and opinions.

Desperate Housewives:

Edie blackmails Bree, then the girls turn on Edie so she moves away? That's quite brilliant. Especially if next season really will be the 5 year jump ahead in time, which would bring a returning Edie back after that time with some vengeance in her!

As for demonic daughter, does ANYTHING good ever happen to Lynette? Geez, give the housewife a break.

Love that Gaby found the cocaine ("I was a model in the 90's, I know what cocaine looks like") and they finally decide to turn her in, only to find themselves with a undercover cop wanting to use them to continue their big sting operation.

Aliens in America:

Maybe my high school was lame, but where do they come up with these ideas? "Killing" a student every year to showcase the effects of drunk driving? Brilliant. Justin being chosen over the popular kids by the in-charge Raja? Even more brilliant. Yet again, this show skews high school culture, drunk driving, the campaigns against drunk driving (or anything really), and melts away at our hearts at the end when Justin gets thanked by a victim's mother.

Meanwhile, love that Franny didn't back down and admit anything when Claire discovered her "potato masher" that just happened to be in the shape of a male body part.

The Big Bang Theory:

Penny! We missed you! Since you were barely in any of the recent episodes!

Penny tries to throw Leonard a surprise party but the other nerds are not the best party planners. Sheldon goes to a Best Buy type of store and ends up helping all the customers with his expertise. It's great that they can totally milk whole hilarious scenes out of that. Having a character in Best Buy!

How I Met Your Mother:

You know, when this show is brilliant, it's quite brilliant. This was not one of those episodes. When this show isn't "on", it can be quite uneven. It wasn't the worst episode, but bringing back Britney Spears was more of a distraction this time than anything helpful.

Still, Neil Patrick Harris as a nerded up "couple" Barney is kinda hot. Britney wasn't terrible, but next to NPH, her comedic flow just isn't there. Plus, her weird hair extensions or whatever it is was distracting.

And I'm not sure I liked the stereotypical gay couple that buys Lily's painting. That whole segment was almost a bit off putting. Though the dogs starring at Lily's painting was funny somehow.


WHAT? WHO GOT SHOT? I mean, we knew something was coming because we knew the weird larger chick that was going to go psycho, but for some reason I thought it was going to be Zach the whole time. Or Bones, but not Booth. On the minus side, we know he can't actually die because he's one of the two leads (and this isn't Lost) but it was still a nice shocking ending.


I read somewhere that House had jumped the shark this week with an episode that had to diagnose what was wrong with House himself. It was one of those episodes that deviate from the formula, but I always think those ones are the best. While the final twist on who House had to save was pounded a bit over the head with the Amber necklace that triggered some memory for House, it was still a nice twist.

Gossip Girl:

I haven't seen any of the new episodes post-strike yet but I knew Michelle Trachtenburg was going to be it, but I didn't realise she was going to be that big of a biatch? All I could keep thinking was, but she's the KEY!?!?!!!

And how stupid is Dan for falling into her trap?

Alas, the true tale to Serena's murder of course was not exactly "murder", and in fact made her come off even nicer than before. While Georgina had tried to set Serena up with someone in bed, that guy overdoses when Serena stops the playing.

Lame yet kinda clever all at the same time. I liked how it forced all the mains to interact again, despite all the gossip and news that has been going on lately.

Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites:

Seriously? of the four girls left, Parvati won? Not Cirie? Not Amanda? Parvati? That totally sucks for Amanda.

Especially coming from such a great season where so many people got backstabbed.

I guess Parvatti deserved to win.

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