Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love Lessons from The Bachelorette

Season 4 - Ep. 1 & 2

Oh yes I did.

I couldn't help it. While I can't stand watching The Bachelor, I love the spinoff version, The Bachelorette. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. And I'm too cheap (and Asian) to do alcohol. Give me this vice please.

For one thing, lets face it. Women really rule the relationships and they secretly control everything that happens, whether the guys knows it, admits it or not. (Plus, haven't the only successful relationship(s?) to ever come out of these series been from The Bachelorette?) So they seem to be better pickers from the pool of bachelors (mostly).

Plus, I love this spinoff game they keep doing, using losers from The Bachelor to feed the new Bachelorette (and I liked it when they picked the next Bachelor from the spurned pool on the Bachelorette. They really need to go back to that bounce back system).

Another reason why The Bachelorette is more entertaining than its male counterpart? Watching 25 guys competing for a girl is fun to watch. Let me rephrase that. It's funny to watch. Let me rephrase that, it's HILARIOUS to watch. Because while 25 girls competing will get bitchy and catty (and not really fun to watch), guys will become big dweebs and boobs and we get to watch in cringy embarrassment. It's awesome!

Of course, the last time I watched this show, the guys were generally older than me. Now I'm in that age range! Scary.

Alright, so who are the ones DeAnna should keep considering?

I like Richard the most so far, the geeky but beautiful high school science teacher. His gawkiness really doesn't match the way he looks but that makes him even more endearing. Seriously cute and he seriously seems awkward and shy and REALLY into his science stuff. If he doesn't win DeAnna's heart, at this point, I'm voting him for the next Bachelor. Can you imagine 25 women crawling over him? He would have a total spasm.

Something about Ron, the divorced barber store owner makes me like him, although he reminds me of an actor (or a melding of two) but I can't think of who yet. One might be George Eads from CSI but can't think of the other yet. Tuc Watkins from Desperate Housewives (Bob, the gay neighbour).

I like Jason, the single father. He seems sweet and genuine. Well, except for the not having told DeAnna about his child part so far but who am I to criticize his technique? Though DeAnna looked none too happy in next week's preview when he finally tells her.

Fred looks like the geek of the group but like Richard, seems quite endearing and adds to his whole cuteness. So far, adorable and no major faux-pas. Which after the first episode with the other guys, is a major achievement in this circle.

Um, did you see those guns on Brian's arms? Hot damn, I might have actually done something if he was MY gym teacher. Though like many of the guys, I can't believe he's the age he says he is. He's my age but looks probably 10 years older.

I'm still split on Robert. his cooking in the first night impressed me (uh, oh, and DeAnna which I guess is the important thing here... (gotta keep reminding myself of that) but he's sort of sunken into the background since then. Of course, that could possibly mean that he'll be in the finals knowing the editors of this show.

I'm also on the fence about Graham at this point. I don't mind Jeremy at this point but the guys really seem to hate the guy and I think there must be more than meets the eye, other than plain jealousy. 

And the boobs?

Well, DeAnna did a good job of weeding out most of them in that first cut after the first night date with all 25 bachelors. LOVE the NY Personal Trainer that rips his shirt off in the post-rejection interview. LOVED that. Dude, and you wonder why you didn't get a rose? Hilarious.

The Virginian that brought the Duck caller? Or his frenemy the abs guy? See ya losers!

As for the ones that slipped by and made it on, I have to say I'm so embarrassed that Paul is this seasons Canadian representative, especially after he jumps into the pool fully clothed after DeAnna's warning, then strips to his specially made swimsuit with DeAnna's name written on his butt.

Nice! Thanks for being our new national embarrassment. Stockwell Day must be relieved.

I'm still not sure about Jesse, the snowboarder who wore the colourful coat and the pink laced shoes. Bold move that might have worked, and he seems like a nice guy, but he's still got the whole 25 year old boarder thing going and I feel that he will never be really himself until he gets a good doobie.

Sean and his mullet and his karate kicking self CREEPS ME OUT.

Twilley hiding in the bush? Constantly pushing himself onto DeAnna? Future stalker in the making! Run DeAnna RUN!

Chris reminds me of Chuck a bit but has none of his charms. Something about him bugs the hell out of me. His laughably bad singing of the national anthem didn't help his case either. DeAnna must have caught that since he didn't make it past the second round. Neither did Eric or Ryan, both who I liked at first, but we never really got to know more about Eric, and Ryan just got less impressive the more I saw him.

About the only guy I can think of that I think she should have kept from the first rose ceremony/blood bath was Patrick C. who seemed a bit too goofy/immature but yet seemed to have charms to spare and nice eyes. The moptop seems to work for him too. I know, I keep having these things for the manboy when I really should be looking at the men.

I have much to learn from DeAnna. Or anybody really. Seriously, I'm about as socially retarded in the dating thing as anybody could be.

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i'm also obsessed with the bachelorette, i'm so happy i found someone else who shares my love for it...i'll be back next week to see what you've written