Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dirty Jokes - The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Samantha Who?

The Big Bang Theory - The Shiksa Indeterminacy - Ep. 115
How I Met Your Money -Rebound Bro - Ep. 318
Two and a Half Men - Fish in a Drawer - Ep. 517
Samantha Who? - The Gallery Show - Ep. 113, The Affair - Ep. 114

Yes, I watched Two and a Half Men. That wasn't a dirty joke. I was just too curious about the writers crossover they did with CSI. If you didn't know, the writers of CSI and Two and a Half Men swapped shows for this weeks sweeps stunt and if anybody can get suckered into a sweeps stunt, I'm yours for this minute. So yes, I'll be taping CSI this week as well. A little George Eads never hurts.

So did Two and a Half Men feel a bit smarter this week? Hard to tell since I rarely watch, but there were still some low dirty jokes (um, but I still laughed at some of them in the episode), which seemed to run through the night, but seemed funnier on the other shows. With circumcisions, erections, lipstick on the dipstick and Regina's new sexy panties, the Monday night comedies wanted to mine some of the sexual taboos.

The Big Bang Theory:

Sheldon's hot twin sister Missy visits and the other nerds go crazy fighting each other to ask her out. Rajnesh goes on a medical trial to test out a new pill that helps with shyness.

If Sheldon is a hoot with words, Rajnesh is hysterical with just a look and a turn away, which made his unshyness a little disconcerting, at least until the pill wore off, which was right when Sheldon's sister Missy was ready to make her play for Rajnesh (after turning down the circumcised Howard and Leonard)! So cute!

Yet again, Penny was practically useless which is too bad because I actually like Kaley Cuoco's reactions. She has the perfect bemused face.

How I Met Your Mother:

Sarah Chalke!!! Stella returns! Or, in actual fact, we just finally see her this week even though Ted and Stella had been dating for the past 2 months.

Barney is wallowing in his breakup with Best Bro Ted and tries to seek someone else to wing man, but finally resorts to his last choice Randy (Will Forte), the regular loser at work who gets a nosebleed when he gets an erection.

Robin helps out Barney by being Randy's test female subject in the bar, to help train Randy in Barney's tips for picking up women, but Randy is just a poor man's Ted and Robin helps point out that Randy is just Barney's sad substitution for the real thing. You have to admit, there's a freshness to Cobie's Robin when she's paired up with Barney and even though the affair is never to be spoken of again, let's hope they will!

Meanwhile, Ted and Stella still haven't been intimate, nor has he met her daughter Lucy. When Stella is ready for the next randy step, Ted learns that she hasn't been intimate for 5 years, and of course tells the gang about it. Big mistake. Apparently, some girls don't like when their intimate secrets are shared with others (unless the girl themselves shares it with other girls). Apparently some guys just don't get that. And girls? That's not his fault, sometimes, he just doesn't realize it's a bad move because he's a sweet, gentle, and supremely naive and honest guy that he sees nothing taboo about sharing things. I know this because my super sweet coworker, who if we played for the same team, I'd be all over, answered after someone asked about his weekend, (during lunchtime no less) that he went over to his girlfriend's place and then made love to her. He was smiling but not as a joke. He was just honestly telling us without harm or motives, he's just simple and sweet that way. Still, too much information. Especially at lunch. I think someone almost choked. Only after our groans did he think maybe sharing that might have been too much. Too funny! (Throughout the weeks, I've now learned a LOT about him, and if he weren't as hot as he were, I would probably be disgusted or disturbed but at this point it's kind of a turn on).

So when Ted and Stella are finally ready to take the relationship to the next step, Lily and Marshall blow the plan when Stella realizes Ted told them her 5 year secret which brings them apart. Ted apologizes, Stella accepts, and they take the relationship to the next level... by introducing Ted to Lucy.

Oh but they do do it too!

Meanwhile, Dylan (Lyndsy Fonseca) looks bored wondering why Ted is still telling her stories of her mother when she's really wondering why her Wisteria Lane mom is crazy mean to her father.

Two and a Half Men:

I watched. I laughed. I felt dirty like a cheap whore after. I guess watching the show is kinda like being on a date with Charlie Sheen I imagine?

Ah, yes, Two and a Half Men still felt the same, even with the CSI writers in control.

The kid (Angus T. Jones) is still the best thing of the show, with Holland Taylor and Conchata Farrell the next best, but the CSIing of the show was amusing, especially with the "Who ARE you...Men Men..." opening credits.

Still, I loved twisting the typical boob and cheap comedy into the procedural mode, with Charlie Sheen's Charlie hitting on the hot and cleavaged investigator and with Berta asking for a full body search from the hot studly cop. I had to laugh when the investigators wanted to check for semen traces in Charlie's room after his new father-in-law was found dead on his bed.

Alas, the twist ending (they were con artist lovers playing father daughter to sucker in the Harpers) brings an end to the guest appearances by Jenny McCarthy and Robert Wagner who I gather had been guesting for a while.

Samantha Who?:

Now that Todd and Chloe are good together, Sam finds a date to show up Todd at his own gallery showing. Too bad Sam's date Craig (Jerry O'Connell, who is either not funny or very funny to people, and I fall in the later group) turns out to be a former mugger who has apparently reformed. The newly reformed Sam doesn't really believe it.

Sam also doesn't believe that her mom Regina might be having an affair and tells her father as they track Regina down. Except she isn't having an affair, she's just working at her new secret job that would castrate Howard's ego.

Loved when Regina and Howard were at the art gallery though (this is art?) and Howard zeroes in on a picture of a naked lady, who turns out to be Sam. Awkward!

Later, Sam and Todd reunite by trying to have an affair (with Todd shelling out a super expensive hotel room, with $8 chocolates from the mini-bar included) behind Chloe's back but after thinking her mom had been having an affair, Sam demands Todd chooses one of them, and he chooses her.

Cute, but that's it? It was that easy? That romantic ending seemed way too easy to come by.

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