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So You Think You Can Dance - It's Time To Put On Those Dancing Shoes Again Kids!

Season 4 Premiere - Auditions - Los Angeles - Ep. 401

Welcome back Cat Deeley and welcome back jidges! (And some guest appearances from Travis Wall! Dominic! and Hok!)

Another summer, another start to the most awesomest dance competition! So You Think You Can Dance is BACK! WOOHOO!!! Time to put on those dancing shoes, start that music, and shake your booty! And that's just me at home in anticipation! Wait till the REAL dancers compete on TV!

I will say this upfront, I usually watch the auditions but I never really posted about it before, because I don't enjoy the bad dancers anymore (it's funny in year one, it's not by now, much like the Idol's bad auditions) and then I get too attached to some folks that never make it to the Top 20. I can't do this to myself anymore!

Plus, there's still far too much time spent on "characters" (like Mask and Sex who are both back... oh god...) while the actual "good" dancers usually don't get as much screen time and we don't really know any of the dancers that usually make it to Vegas so there's still little too few to get excited about.

Still, I'm excited, but due to technical difficulties and the fact that I'll be traveling a lot in the next few weeks, my coverage may be sporadic but I'll do what I can do for the love of Travis Wall or Neil Haskell or Pascha or Dimitri or Sabra or Heidi or... whoever will be next this year.

So we start of in La La Land, and the music starts and the dancer just stands there face to the back wall. I'm thinking. OH NO. Not another one of "those" crazzies trying to get on TV and make their own statement.

Oops. Wrong music. In the end, Devin was a beautiful contemporary dancer and we're off to a great start!

Then there's Jonathan Anzalone, an egotistical hottie with sporadic weird dancing, yet he's not bad in some of the stuff he does. He's hot, and not. And Mia doesn't think he's going to be successful but does think he's sexcessful. Oops. Freudian slip.

No Vegas for him, back to the pole.

There's a blind girl that tries out but her technical skills aren't up to snuff.

Twitch is back, he who lost the last slot to Hok last year, (who lost his slot the previous year to Benji). He gets to try again in Vegas.

There's a kid trick artist Philip Chbeeb who is pretty cool. Off to Vegas he goes!

A few more contestants of note after the jump below:

Erica Gee gets through on her 3rd try, and she's pretty good though there's something about her I don't like.

Aliona Vetrenko and Leonidas Proskurov. Um, they're pretty good at what they do, and points for performing to US3's "Cantaloup" though something bugs me about them. Maybe it's the look straight out from Grease. The bad one currently on Broadway. Or something, but that's based on snap bitchy judgements (cause I'm still in a foul mood from the PVR acting up):

Victor Kim representin' the Asians yo! (Um, did he just bounce onto his elbows? I'm wincing just watching it. That doesn't hurt?). He's studying Business and Economics. Wow, he really IS representin' the asians yo:

Sadly, Victor doesn't make it to Vegas after the choreography rounds.

Robert Morraine is one of those poppers that looks cool for a few seconds and then it either gets tired or creepy. Still, it's a little insane:

Rijiy Ames performs and shows some skin and renders me, the judges, and I'm guessing most of America, a little bit speechless in possibly the unsexiest almost nude dance:

Kherington Payne. She's cute. Maybe a bit too cute. She's the soccer player/dancer. Here's the pretty jock. I'm sure Hollywood is salivating. The big smile on the moody contemporary piece (to OneRepublic's "Stop and Stare" seems a bit at odds though:

Asuka Kondoh and Ricky Sun. More Asians! Cute though I didn't love it as much as I hoped and thought it was good, but not great. Maybe it was the JLo song:

Here's a new clip that I just found of those that made it to the Top 20:

Stephen "Twitch" Boss:

Wiliiam Wingfield:

Next week: Salt Lake City and Texas.

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